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In 1984, I had the chance to buy a new Competition GS, for $400, advertised as "last of the English Raleighs" in my size too. I still regret not getting it. This 60's Herc will have to do.

Fixed up my Raleigh Portage to ride a couple centuries over a recent weekend. Seattle, WA to Portland, OR in 2 days. It is an 80's touring bike with 650b size wheels, nice long wheelbase, relaxed geometry. Shellac on cork grips and the most broken-in, comfortable Brooks in my collection. Nice original low mileage bike & it performed flawlessly. That black thing behind the front bag is a crow feather from the yard.

Colnago from around 1995, with full Campagnolo Athena group. I changed the bar tape to some new, still white though. I love it.






And then a picture of my every day ride. Old Peugeot frame with fixed gear.

Will post pics of my full-restored 1976 Peugeot UO-8 soon; the only non-original parts are the tires, Huret shifter and saddle.

IMHO a fixie is the purist form of cycling there is.
Drummer- I had a Trek 1500 very similar to that, with the brake cable hidden in the top tube. The fork was aluminum, but still very comfortable. I hated to sell that one.
Picked this Fixie Thruster up today and removed all the stickers, badges, chainguard and reflectors, not bad for $50 and now I can upgrade everything and only improve it...



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The tank

I've posted this in other places in various incarnations
It's a 76 Schwinn continental. Now a 21 speed. Super heavy but a smooth ride.
love the bikes in this thread , been watching and lurking. figured I should post some of mine, have gotten intot he road bikes of late as a nice diversion. nothing done right now, but here are a few no longer with me.

Schwinn Suburban I bought off the original owner, went to a new home before I even finished detailing it.

nice Vista Esquire,yes I know it's missing some bar tape, :?

70s Columbia, nice rider with all Huret groupo

Got this Beautiful Raleigh Record, scored this and matching ladies version for 5 each at a yard sale out of town. my wife grudgingly let me haul em back home, not too happy about " more bikes " . Cleaned up and sold it same week . I walk in the house and she asks if I sold it. I hold up a Twenty.. she says, that's what you got ? ", happy I got 4 x the money.. I said " there's a few more in there" and tossed her the 100, she tolerated the bikes a little better for a bit after that :)

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