RoadMaster Diesel: Build Completed! + a few extra pics!

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Re: RoadMaster Diesel: Update 7/31

Definitely use the light!

and you can be seen when you are riding in the rain! Because thats all it ever does around here! If I wanted rain i would live in Seattle! UGH!

Re: RoadMaster Diesel: Update 7/31


Re: RoadMaster Diesel: Update 7/31

Coming into the home stretch...

I made my run to Home De Pot this morning, decided not to buy the tap and dye set for $50 to make one minor change to the bike, just bought a new grinding wheel for my drill instead, going to make that stem fit...

Anyway, I gorilla glued the fabric and padding on the seat because it was starting to come off a bit. Rubber bands are till it sets.

here is a blurry pic of some other progress I made so far today:

mounted the headlight, figured out headset spacing issues, added pinstripes to rims... just a few things left to do.

Hopefully will be taking final pics this evening, should be a nice sunset ;)
Re: RoadMaster Diesel: almost done...

So I finally got to take the bike for a test ride.

I like the way the bars look here, but I don't know if I really like riding with my knees in my chest...

I might switch the bars out for the originals, upside down or rightside up, I am not sure.
Here is a comparison, with the original bike set-up in the same spot:


This will be finished in time. Oh yes.
Re: RoadMaster Diesel: almost done...

i had the same bars dilemma.
i went with upright, for riding's sake.

lookin good.
Re: RoadMaster Diesel: almost done...

Ian is so good with bars. you need to get in touch with him. Some cut down pull backs like he rides with on a couple of his bikes is what this thing needs.
Re: RoadMaster Diesel: almost done...

Amazing transformation...looks great!