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the flash was giving me trouble kept washing out the pics. i washed the grease pencel lines off and it looks much better. thanks it was fun to put together and i wanted to toss a lot of different colors at it i think it works. i seen the 3rd place trophy it is fine i would be stoked job well done
Well here is the first two Roadmasters CWC-1 and Frameteam2003 ELGIN OLD ARMY.
Roadmaster requested a badge made to look like the decals that are on the seat tube I believe.
Heres the picture we made it from....

and the finished headbadge

Frameteam2003 wanted something simple to show his place in one of the coolest build-off yet. So I tried to give it a touch of a military theme for him by using military fonts and adding the stars which are used on Army medals.
This is what I drew up for him....

and the finished badge....simple but pretty cool...

Char with Grady's Rocket is holding off till his next build to collect....I guess he's had enough of my badges already...haha...still love your paint work on the Rocket.

Simpleman...is working on idea's which there is no time limit on....so I'll be ready to help you work out your thoughts and get them to metal whenever your ready.

so thats where we are on the prizes at this time from the GREAT 2010 BUILD OFF...and cant wait for the next one....
Double Nickle said:
I will make a kustom bike seat for the winner with whatever you want on it just like the one I made for my build....If I happen to win it will go to the Runner-up :lol: Check out my build for more info!!!







As promised a kustom seat will soon be given to our RRBBO5 winner!!! it should be done for everyone to see soon! :wink:
i sent the second placer a message for his address and he neever got back to me on it. :?
thanks man, itll leave as soon as i can whip up a box for it and hand it to the postal guy. 8)