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Late 30’s wesrfield badged “ carnival” 2 different configurations
1951 Schwinn panther with relaced wheels, 8 speed rear hub converted to skiptooth and faux finished tank and headlight converted to led

Look Fantastic; are those rims original size width? And are those tires 26 x 2,125 or bigger Thanks
I'm not convinced it's a Schwinn, they didn't have curved chainstays like that. Looks more like Cleveland Welding Company to me

that's not a bad thing, CWCs are really cool, and even less common up here in Canada! Nice bike.
Thanks, just going by that it has the holes for the Schwinn badge and I ran the SN ? But hey I won't complain. Just a cool bike, not to worried about the Brand.

Picked this 1968 24" Rollfast up for $40.00. Gave it a cleaning and am planning on an "Adult Muscle Bike"...
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