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Apr 24, 2007
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"You know what, Stan, if you want me to wear 37 pieces of flair, like your pretty boy over there, Brian, why don't you just make the minimum 37 pieces of flair?"

More observations at the local bike coop (hangout).

SE Beast Mode Money Lynch Rapper or is that Ripper 26x3 cruiser. BLING! The teen age owner let me ride it. Nice ride but disc brake pads are screechy junk. Many extras like the gold bling, the seat and top tube pad.

SE.Beast.Mode (1).JPG
SE.Beast.Mode (2).JPG
SE.Beast.Mode (3).JPG
SE.Beast.Mode (4).JPG
SE.Beast.Mode (5).JPG
SE.Beast.Mode (6).JPG
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Team Marin. Looks like titanium but the owner says it's nickel plated with a clear coat.
I told him to let me know when he is bored with it. Tange Ultimate Superlight steel tubing.

Marin.Team.nickle (2).JPG
Marin.Team.nickle (1).JPG
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Creative headlight mount. Owner says you have to remove the wheel to get access to the lower screws to steal it. But who needs brakes.

Looks like Marshawn Lynch can draw a crowd and not in some night club.


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