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Jul 10, 2021
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Here's one of the side distractions that's stealing time away from my buggy build. Scratch built electric moped in an ol' school bobber style. Lithium powered, 84v 60amp sine wave controller, cable style motorcycle throttle, motorcycle rims and tires laced to HD hubs with butted spokes. I'm revamping an old build from a few years ago, still need to widen the battery box for the updated pack, fab some side covers and black-out the new controller to fit the theme.


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Started working on the battery cover/door this past week or so. The box already has a piano hinge along the left side, I picked up some .120 x 3/4" flat bar and hammer formed the perimeter frame of the access door. I also fabbed four tabs to secure the door with 10/32" bolts. I bought the bead roller awhile back on sale but haven't had a chance to play with it. I had planned to use the roller during my beach buggy build, but decided to try it out by making a practice panel.

After cutting a blank out of 18ga, I rolled a couple of beads for experience and punched some holes to see how it would look. On my initial test I was a little early coming out of the last turn with the perimeter bead and the center one turned out slightly bent in middle. It's hard to watch your line and crank the handle, I can see why so many people motorize these. Next one will be better no doubt, but I'm happy with the layout. Next, the chain side of the box needs to be widened about 1/2" so it won't compress the pack when I close the access door.

cover 2.jpg

cover 1.jpg
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With the practice panel out of the way, (and a little more experience) onto the real deal! I swapped the crank handle on my bead roller out for a 14" wheel which makes tracking the line much easier. I also learned on Youtube that pre=stretching the panel helps reduce warpage when using the bead roller. The panel is now welded to the 3/4" wide frame I'd previously fabbed and after a little more trimming that'll be the easy side done.

side panel 1.jpg

side panel 2.jpg
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Completed the second panel and spacer today. I decided to punch a couple extra ventilation holes on this side. Next up it to paint the new metal work gloss black and put mesh in behind the holes.

2nd side panel.jpg
I am a bobber fan. Have been since I was a kid. For me, my favorites
all have white walls. That's just me. Your build is phenomenal. Really
like the solo saddle too. :thumbsup:
Thanks! The seat is about the only thing I didn't make (an eBay find) but I did everything else; frame/fork/fenders/handlebars/wheel build, etc. I really like the remote throttle box which allows me to use a real motorcycle twist grip, sure beats a thumb throttle. White wall tires would have worked too, maybe the next build...