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Well, it's together. Ended up digging a Haro seat out that wasn't cracked up like the one that came off it.

Was thinking I could always go smaller on the front sprocket and get the gear ratio under 3.0. Well, that can't happen without cutting the brake boss off.

Even now, I don't think i can put a brake on the back and not have the chain rub on the retaining screw.

More to come.
Can you put a 16 tooth on the back? That would allow a bigger chainring.
That was my thought as well, but I don't have the two spanner wrenches to get the 9t freewheel cog off. Will have to make a tool or pick one up.

Or change.out the wheel would be the other option. Will look around and see what I have that might work.
Well, this bike is on its way to Soda Springs tomorrow. My wife's childhood friend stopped by this weekend amd brought her grandson with her. He liked it so much I gave it to him.

He zipped up and down the street on it and we worked out most of the kinks. Before I took them back to their hotel tonight, he almost got the yellow knobbies showing on it. Doesn't have brakes on his Mongoose at home either. He did show me how it would skid to a stop just fine. So off it goes.

So this build is now done. I May get a finish video or pics from his gramdma in a few weeks, we will see.
You just won the contest. Congratulations
It's a win for me. The look of awe and then happiness, when I told him, "If you want it, it's yours' was awesome.

I know this one will get a lot of hard use and enjoyment.

For parts of the year, they live as campground hosts in one of the in the national forest up there. The mongoose will be right at home.

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