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Jun 19, 2012
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Western Massachusetts
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I wanna see pieces of art that you've created (or found, bought, been given) that are made with old bike parts! Sculptures, wall hangings, statues, abstracts, etc.

I also want to see your yard art! Surely we've all got some old bikes that were just too far gone to repair, but not too far gone to prop up in the garden.

You guys get it started and I'll rejoin once I've taken pics of my own 😁
You guys get it started and I'll rejoin once I've taken pics of my own 😁

Alright then, guess I'll just jump in then!

This Columbia was given to me by my aunt-in-law. Somebody had welded a spike to the BB to be able to poke it into the ground. The spike had since been removed, but it's spent enough time outside that that's where it's gonna stay.

Solid rubber tires, solid wire wheels, the only things that aren't frozen are the pedals 😁

This tricycle used to belong to my wife's dad and his siblings. No idea what it is but it used to be green, pretty close match to the Columbia. After taking this pic I moved it to another spot in the garden (and found a seasonal rider, too!)

I told the kid not to park it there or the sunflowers would take it over!
Almost forgot about this one. A few years ago I picked up stained glass as a hobby. I decided to turn this skiptooth chainring into a clock, and then gifted it to my parents on their (40th?) wedding anniversary.

It also involved turning a brass piece to adapt the clock movement to the center hole. The little pieces at 3, 6, 9 and 12 are pieces of copper, I was told they are (very!) old penny blanks. I doubt that's true but I've got another 15 pounds of them in the basement!

I'm always trying to come up with new ideas for bike parts as art. most of these are my originals.

My local 2x2xU contest entry one year. "Cateye"
Cateye (Rick Paulos 2014) by rickpaulos, on Flickr

IMG_0085 by rickpaulos, on Flickr

IMG_1186 by rickpaulos, on Flickr

Some of my welded bikes on the table.
Magna by rickpaulos, on Flickr

IMG_2883 by rickpaulos, on Flickr

Handlebar coat racks by rickpaulos, on Flickr

3d Snowman
Snowman.27 (4) by rickpaulos, on Flickr

2D snowmen ready for decorations.
bicycle.wheel.snowmen.x11 (1) by rickpaulos, on Flickr

2D painted with gear eyes. The center face spins if you tweet his cork nose.
Snowmen.4.5.6 by rickpaulos, on Flickr

yard spinner with solar light critters.
IMG_0915 by rickpaulos, on Flickr

crank arm & top tube plant stand. Does double duty as a Halloween candy bowl supporter. Pedal axles are for extra stability on hard surfaces. No pedal axles and you can stick it in the ground in your garden.
Img_8288 by rickpaulos, on Flickr

Olympic rings. BMX rims in their natural colors. Hung during any Olympics.
I made a second set, all black, for the year the flame was extinguished by the pandemic.
IMG_4738 by rickpaulos, on Flickr

unfinished bmx peg bike. Plan was to wire all the pegs through the rubber to a sheet of plywood, frame it and hang it.
unfinished BMX peg bike by rickpaulos, on Flickr

Snow sculpture.
IMG_8343 by rickpaulos, on Flickr

Mark the Elf helped me with it.
IMG_8349 by rickpaulos, on Flickr

yard spinner in the evil white stuff. 24" aluminum rim spins up easier. license plates for fan blades. Old camera tripod. some reflectors and xmas bulbs as extras.

3 of my performance Art bikes (long video)
I wrapped the first in twine to get a cowboy theme.
Second (orange) was an experiment using a full suspension bike to see what effect that would have.
Third was a kids bike and had the most radical offset.
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Here's another stained glass piece I made.

A coworker friend commissioned this from me, she wanted a unique gift to give to her dad for Christmas '23. Her only "requirements" were that it had to be bicycle-themed and it had to have the color green in it. This left the door wide open for me, and while I had a bunch of ideas for things like desktop light boxes or wall/window hangings; ultimately I landed on another clock. She provided the chainring - actually, her dad did...he just didn't know he'd be getting it back!

Two of my latest 3D bicycle rim snow men.

One is all steel rims. I spot welded the two lower orbs. The top has painted rims and you can't spot weld through paint and I didn't want remove the painted areas. The feet are adjustable by loosening/tightening bolt pairs of the cut off dropped handlebars. It's pretty stable. 8 bolts for the feet. Spot welding goes a lot faster.

Second is all aluminum rims and pop riveted throughout. About 12 pounds total. 2 quarter rims for feet. Not as sturdy but it's lighter so it works. Only 2 bolts so those went on quick.

future plans:

A metal chop saw to make the miter cuts go a lot faster.

A single orb for hanging with a bird feeder tray in it and some sort of umbrella cover to keep the bird feed dryer.

And a single orb with a flat top to use as an end table.

3d.snowman.allaluminum (3).JPG
3d.snowman.allaluminum (4).JPG
3d.snowman.allaluminum (5).JPG

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