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This is a Scoot-bike as purchased from my neighbor at their yard sale. I put the belt on and rode it. Later repairs made it more rideable. I sold it at a bicycle meet. The kids there had a blast with it.

I made this "Scootboard" from a scooter I got from the Police impound sale (they had a sale and sold almost nothing - my cop friend gave me a whole truck load of bikes!!!). Sold this to a very happy kid at our motorcycle swap meet.
Been sk8ting with one foot forward for about 35 years. I guess the whole "walking in circles" thing could explain a lot about my life...
Hate to bump an old thread but a buddy of mine and I have been collaborating on a conversion involving a Currie. I can emphasize about the sk8’n. Hey at least we can see where we went wrong the last time, right? By the bye, I’ve a Variflex downstairs. Pics to come.
Wow, I have very vague memories of putting some of these things together... I want to say they were pink though? Or "Neon Rose" as Schwinn called them.

EDIT: I had to Google it, and I'm not imagining things! They did exist. I would have never thought about those again without this thread. Thanks?
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This is the kind I had, Schwinn Stingray scooter, and gave to a neighbor. It was too heavy for me.


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As promised…


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Here's my creation. I have added double bells on it since this photo was taken, and also ran the brake cable through the frame to a set of rear brakes for added stopping power. Names "Scooter McGavin"
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That reminds me of a funny story. I was in a somewhat upscale part of town and literally pulled up next to Christopher MacDonald at a light. I had to triple take to make sure it was him and since the windows were down I just had to ask if he was who I thought he was. He confirmed it and I had to reference his role in “Happy Gilmore” and how he killed it. He did the Shooter point and wink and I did it right back at him. The light changed I bade him a good evening and admittedly that kind of made my week…
Tidied and touched up. Taller bars, braided cables, lite pro levers, appropriate light, better grips, and a poop bag carrier in the bottle cage. Plus some Kustom touches - valve and stem caps. All stuff I had in stock.

I've ordered proper dogsport harnesses too.

The boys quite like the run.