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Ride it like you stole it.
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Apr 26, 2020
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I snagged this unused freaky looking chwinn slik chik recently for one of my girls. Needless to say my wife and older daughter weren’t too impressed with the kiddy flower power theme!
I always wanted to have a go at candy paint. Primer, silver metallic, candy and finally clear. The final finish is pretty decent. I put the dog leg crank, alloy razor stem, rear rack, truss rods and reissue pedals in my parts reserve. The kid loves it and i’m still married.
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Yes, 26”. I like the style of the frame. There’s a blokes version of it too.
Thought I'd drag this thread back since my kids have kids now. I get to find, build and hook kids up.
The schwinn roadster trike was a given, had to get one for the baby.
Got her sister a garage sale bike w/handle and had a banana seat lying around...
Made some happy grand babies!


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Got this from the dump shop a few months back, as usual $15 coz it only needed air in the tyres, cleaned it up and she was almost brand new, the young bloke loves it!, a few weeks later I saw the brother of this bike and grabbed that, same again $15 only needing air and a seat n grips!
These "southern star Rhythm's" came out in 2 colors, red n white over black and the oil slick harlequin paint job stuff, both were heavy as heck but extremely strong, in the BMX museum its been said "take em to .... and back and they wouldnt break" so they actually got a mention in there!

the red n black is the better condition of the 2 so the young bloke kept that!


as said a few weeks later I spied this there as well, Just before xmas the young bloke had a couple mates in for a sleepover, one of them didnt actually own a bike at all so we gave it to him for a xmas present, to say he was over the moon was an understatement, he's a good kid with a couple younger bro's to a single mum who battles hard. I said to him if you get a bike for xmas from ya ma or pa be sure to hand this down! he was cool and I laughed my head off coz the very next day I dropped the son off at the skate park and who was there on their new bike, yep havin a ball and even had his scooter strapped to the side of it, made my whole xmas that did!


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