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Oct 23, 2010
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Yesterday I tryed to put the tires from my sisters old mountain bike that got ran over by a two ton truck on my 1983 ross. But I soon found out that they are 24 in. and i needed 26 in. I feel really stooooooopid now. How much do real snow tires for a bike cost? I cant find any on line and i havent gone to any stores lately.
I've never heard of any snow specific tires for bikes. I do know that there are bike designed for snow and icey conditions, but I think they just run the larger/wider tires that have the treads similar to normal mountain bike knobs. Some tire manufacturers offer studded bike tires.
There are studded bicycle tires if that's what you're looking for. :) I know where to get them here in Sweden, but I did a quick google to see if I could find an american webpage that might be helpful for you. Found this: I just skimmed through it and it seems to contain some info on different kinds of studded tires. Looks like they're selling them too.
If the snow is going to be minimal, I like slick road tires. If there is more than 2 inches, cross tires. If there is ice, studded. If there's more than 6 inches I imagine a pugsley tire would be nice.

These folks seem to have plenty of experience with winter cycling.
Last fall I saw them at Walmart for 16 buck or something. I had one in my hands today, from the bike co-op here in Boise. Probably 10 bucks.
I run the Nokian Hakkapeliitta W106 in 26x1.9 on my winter commuter bike MTB I have friends who run the Nokian Mount and Ground W160s the number is the stud count. I have had Nokian Extreme 294s but that is like riding with velcro tires on a velcro street you can feel the drag. I had a pair of Inovovas they wore out in 2 seasons. I keep my 106s on a spare set of rims and swap them out when we are dry with no ice. Can't beat the Northland for Winter experience right Galtbacken?
Can't remember where I seen it, but there was a guy who drilled a ton of holes in a MTB tire and put a small nut and bolt in each. Then lined the inside of the tire with tape to protect the tube. Seems like a lot of work but could be cheaper.
I've heard of people you would put short screws in mtb tires, just take an old mtb tire and buy small sheet metal screws run the screws in to the out side knobs and run low air, this will give you track on ice and if there is no ice put more air and you can run in snow and on hard surfaces without slidding on the screws. I've not done this myself, but it sounds like it could work. Have fun.
Back when I had a MTB, I tried both: made my own "screw-studded" tires (both ways--screws-in and screws-out) and had a set of the expensive carbide tires. The carbide tires are 10X better in every way but price.

Get ones with LOTS of studs, the studs are what counts. Don't go cheap and get a pair with just one row down the middle.