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Love pics of great rides but living Canada makes me a little sad in the winter
Here's what gets me through the grey months: You gotta try and look at it the other way, these pictures are what charges the battery until you can get back out in the sun. It's an artificial fix until you get the real deal. You gotta take the small stuff and treasure it. The BRC was nice yesterday, Thanx

(Longer stem next time though, alright? ;) )
Here's what gets me through the grey months….

Oh, how I remember seeing grass again in May!

For me it was sleds all winter. Toboggans. Etc. Bikes were all in the cellar ‘til Spring.

But snow never comes this low here, so except for very modest rains, it’s still the bikes and such.

I would have to drive way up the mountain on a slippery road, to see weather that I ran away from 50 years ago.