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Jul 14, 2011
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Helena, mt
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I'm pretty much at wits end over keeping my white tires...white and clean. I'm thinking about just staining them, creamy..or like tea stain and be done with it. They're on the Gypsy Flyer and I'm moving in a board track direction with the bike (it's motorized). I've searched aging and staining tires, but I'm coming up empty. I've seen some great rats with what look like stained white tires...anybody seen these?? I've you've done this, let me know how...I'm thinking tea staining won't work on rubber...but that's just a guess...Thanks
I have thought about this too...hate the bright white whitewalls on an original finish bike...I think I am going to try to use liquid clothes dye and how water to add a tint...just have to try a couple of different ratios to see what happens...and remember to write it down somewhere...
I havent tried this, but Ive done more than a fair bit of staining things through the years. Wood and leather stains come in water or alcohol based mixtures. I have liked the alc. based leather stains much better in use, and there is a good selection of colors. You would want something light, so get a light shade and/or dilute a bit and use multiple applications. It would be nice to try this on an old tire first.
burnt motor oil bro works great look greater :shock: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Hmmmmm, never thought of burnt motor wouldn't dry them out
Good answers all...keep them coming...I'm still learning. I've seen lots of board trackers...and rats...with white tires that look like they are 90 years old, but they are new, so I know there are techniques out there. I wish I knew. If you have a perfect method, please post pics. Thanks
i did that to my my white tire and the still look great and very healthy..... and i did it three years ago :cry: :( :| :) :D :mrgreen: just my two cents....worked for me not sure if youd concider trying it... my grandpops used to do it to his old kustoms.(with a "K") and it gave them and old worn but still healthy tan brownish side wall..... all in all my advise is out there.... its up to you take it or there some other great ideas out from other fellow forum ride on and ride strong 8) no reason for this just like it >>>>>>>>>> :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
arpicker said:
:idea: :idea: What would happen if you sprayed a couple of coats of clearcoat on white tires? Would it stop them from getting dirty or just flake off? :?: :?:

the only thing that will happen is that the clear coat will flake off.....
spray some rusty metal with wd40, sand on it a bit, rub your hands in the mess then rub it on the tires. I kind of did this unintentionally putting a bike together, and it wouldn't wash off. If you tried the results would be much dirtier than my accident