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This is like a hot rod version of a ColorFlow tank. That really came out nicely!
Spent the weekend and work and fell to second page slacker. I'm off for the next two so time to get back to building. I did pick up a little something i've been wanting for a while. I got a set of body dollies and some hammers from amazon to work out the small dents ands dings i always wind up with. I already had hammers and a small anvil and some homemade bocks but wanted a better variety. Not high dollar pro tools but they will work fine for my small jobs.
I pulled some fenders out of my stash and the rear fits fine but the front will need a little modifying. I really like the curved braces but the rear braces don't line up with the upsweep frame ends. I will drill out the rivets and move them around to get a better flow. Then a nice soak in the oa pool.
It might work to trim the forward side of the fender, leaving the rear lip untouched and using the same holes for the brace.
Nice tool score.
I've always liked those curved CWC braces as well as the curved chainstays they mimic. Nice work making the curved line flow continuously between them.
Nice tool score.
I've always liked those curved CWC braces as well as the curved chainstays they mimic. Nice work making the curved line flow continuously between them.
Thank you sir. I looked at the frame with fender on for about one beer before i broke out the drill. I need to age some fender rivit bolts, mount it and move on to the front.
Nice looking frame and fenders. Wondering how the rear brace would look if it were flipped to make a gentle s- bend?
Or continue the sweep beyond the fender like a Ruff Hornet

I got a little progress made yesterday. I put the frame, tank, and fork assembly in the oxalic acid bath for about 8 hours. Brushing and flipping about every hour or so. I found in the past it will turn the metal darker and take out any shine. A good rinse and dry followed by a coat of dead flat clear did the trick. Reassembled everything after adding a tank horn button and fine mesh copper wire behind the tank holes. I like the look so far. I also added a headbadge ive had laying around for a while. Back to fenders this weekend.
That is looking awesome!
Ditto, that’s a great looking finish!
I have soaked other bare metal parts in the oa bath before and they usually just get a little grey tint. I was really surprised how these came out. Darker than expected, and I'm happy with it. Oxalic acid bath, not just for rust anymore.
Slow rolling right now but i did manage to get a seat done this weekend. The leather is in perfect shape. The seat frame and springs were covered in flaking shiny black paint. I disassembled every thing and stripped off all the paint. After all night in a mild oxalic bath i sprayed it all down with dead flat clear. I put it all back together and adjusted the spring angles. I looked through 22 seat frame clamps and not one 1 inch clamp anywhere. Got one in the mail as now. The fenders are still hanging out in the oa bath. I'm going to go through chain guards later to see what looks good.
That saddle is sweet.
Nice work!