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The Buddha bike is built and just waiting for me to start the body work and paint. I got the cables routed and have been riding it around occasionally. I screwed up and didn't get it finished before the farming season started. Now I have to wait for a rainy day to get any more done. Too bad I live in Wyoming, which is technically a desert climate. I really hope to get it done within the next month. I'll post pictures when it's finished. Thanks for all the encouragement and compliments.
Man did'nt know what to expect when i clicked on this one,well for one i thought i was gonna see a bike build but turned out i was lookin at a work of art in progress,i would be so tempted to leave it in its raw/bare metal state; lookin fooward too see where else you can take it ! nice work,,,,incredable
Watch out! Cows will stop giving milk for weeks after they see this bike! :D
Are we letting him enter build offs? We´re done If we do... :mrgreen:

Cool fabrication, I was contemplating the possibility of using the same type
and configuration of brake lever on my next build, after seeing yours,
it´s a fact that I will.
I know I say this a lot but:
I love those tires!!!
man this looks so awesome.
cant wait to see finished product.
Well, it's finally done. I apologize for taking so long. I have no excuse, I just needed to let this one sit for awhile. Now that it's done I'm happy with it, but this one was kind of a nightmare. I pushed things a little too far with the design and it pushed back hard. It does ride well though and I'll probably abuse it somewhat this summer to see how it holds up. The shifter works well, but not as intended. It is now a friction shifter instead of being indexed. The hub has too much tension in the shifting mechanism and the ball spring wouldn't hold it in gear. Anyway, I think I'm done building spoked bikes for awhile. I just ordered a tubing bender this morning and will hopefully try something new with that. Thanks for all the comments last year while I was building this and I hope you like it.





It's a shame the shifter didn't work out. But it's a great looking bike.
Wow! I don't know how I missed this build before, but this is awesome! I love the approach that you've taken with this bike, from the sheet metal and tension method of construction to building your own louver dies. I love it when someone colors outside the lines and makes it work. Great job! 8)
It was well worth the wait. :lol:
:D :shock: WOW! That may be the coolest bike I have ever seen! :shock: :D
Great Job!! The color is prefect!

Riverbend Bicycles said:
I just ordered a tubing bender this morning and will hopefully try something new with that.
Can't wait to see what you got coming :D