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dangratsdan said:
OK... Change the name to...

Someprettyshineybikesthatgotoldandusedandsometimesrustythengotfoundbysomeonewhocaredenoughttorebuildorrestoreitbacktooriginalorbuilditintothecurrentownersowncreation BIKES

on second thought.....I think Rat Rod Bikes, works just fine,.. but Thanks for asking.
I was going to do that but was to lazy :lol:

To me it's about building a stylish bike out of a variety of mis-matched parts. Eliminate "stylish" and you have just a ratbike.

Maybe :lol:

Also I would bet that all the search hits aren't from "ratrod bike" but from "old bike" "schwinn" "western flyer" etc...
spinman said:
I know the 'traditional' car hot rodders disdain the 'ratrod' moniker, but they HAD a history of traditional hot rodding.

We didn't.

We had the OG cruisers of the '40s-'50s and then the muscle bike era of the '60s-'70s.

That's about it.

I too, wish we could come up with another name that will stand the test of time and take this hobby into the next decade.
While traditiomal Hot Rodders hate the name , some embrace it , or at least don't mind . "Traditional " bike builders , have a site already , and many uf us who don't care about names , or what people think , visit that site also . But guess who's sticker I disply
I like the name Rat Rod although I like Rat Rod bikes but I'm not into Rat Rod cars & I like the look but not some of the engine choices they do.

I like Hot Rod as well but I hate when someone says they built a traditional hot rod especially a Ford then they put a Chevy engine in it when Chevy didn't have a V8 yet when Hot Rods were started but even if they did no one back then when Men had more sense not to do that to a Ford or any other car company because part of Hot Rodding it to upgrade factory parts to run better & faster taking body parts off for the look of Hot Rod then put them back on during the week day.
its very clear, when you come to the site its about bicycles. I think it fits.... and after you see some of the builds :lol: it really fits
I would not change it, if the car guys cant get past it :? then they are just narrow minded, I have combined my cars with my
bikes .. and just added motor cycles to the mix. I will be showing up with cars/bikes/motor cycle/toys

you have a good thing here .... dont change a thing..
The car guys don't like the name because originally they were nicely done cars that looked like something built in the hey day of hot rodding. Then anybody with little skill threw together a dangerous heap, no brakes, no floor, poorly designed suspension/steering. Thats when Rat Rod really begain to be a dirty word with them.

I guess that is how you would describe my daily rider,,,,, so I guess the name fits :p :p :p

I found this site through a link at Up to that point I would have never even have thought to put rat rod in a search engine to find a bike site.

I like the name, but I can see Steve's point. Is he missing out on guys who never heard of a rat rod bike?

I talk to other guys on the beach all the time that cruise some sweet custom builds. When I mention this site,, they never heard of it.
I say leave the name. Now being a tradition style hotrodder, the initial use of the word "RatRod" I think was not taken well because it pertained to cars that were cobbled unroadworth death traps. Although lots of them look cool, I absolutely hate when someone calls my Deuce a ratrod just because people are putting all hotrods into the ratrod catagory. I love my ratrod bikes though!
NO NO NO!!!!!! :shock: :shock:

Rat Rod Bikes is Rat Rod Bikes...don't worry about the name :shock:
Some things just transend the name given them. look at the H.A.M.B site for traditional hot rods. A HUGE site with tens of thousands of memebers. The site's name stands for Hokey A@@ Massage Board, arguably the worst, most unrelated, non-desriptive name you could give a tradtional hot rod site. Yet, the site flourashes.
I say leave it alone. If it was a lousy name, 10,000 people would not have joined...and stayed. Eventually, when people hear "RatRod", they will automatically think of bikes, not hot rod cars. Gary
Rat Rod, Hot Rod, Custom Street, Restored Original, Street Rod, Foreign, Import, Late Model, Rice Burner, Tuner, Jalopy, Beater, and all the other names we give our cars are relative to how we label our bikes.
This site celebrates the differences instead of excluding them and that is why I love this site.
If one term can include the ingenuity and creativity of each of its members without judging or excluding, it is RAT ROD BIKES.
Celebrate that and keep it the same title, and allow each of us to be comfortable and friendly in that celebration.
I raise my beer to each of you Ratter's or Rodder's or Builder's or Rider's or whatever you wanna call yourself. I support and defend my hobby here and elsewhere because I love it. Why do you?
The new name will really have to be something that is catchy and is all encompassing of all the different kinds of bike styles. it will also identify all the fabrication and modification we subject these bikes to. That's a pretty big order.
B607 said:
I say leave it alone. If it was a lousy name, 10,000 people would not have joined...and stayed. Eventually, when people hear "RatRod", they will automatically think of bikes, not hot rod cars. Gary

This is an awesome place and I can easily refer others to it, and I've also noticed that if you google something rat bike related that lots of stuff pops up from here! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease don't change it! It would be like a city like Chicago changing names!
Steve, my friend, you are over thinking. We all make decisions that we might rethink. While this name might not completely reflect this site and some people hate the name for whatever silly reason, it is done. There is no perfect name to fit. I say stick with what works.

Now, focus your energy on cleaning up more neat bikes .... Or family or work or some other less important thing :wink:
I actually stumbled on this site from a link posted over in bmxmuseum, it was just what I had been looking for. Simply because I have always genuinely liked all forms of bikes, i've never been just a bmx'er or a roady or any one loyalist toward bikes, I think the name is perfectly suited for this forum and the great guys and gals that are members hear, never met or interacted with the interesting level of skill and ideas I have found from the good folks on here, no other name would fit so well. What I really like is the readily available knowledge that is available with alot of older more experienced riders on here, no predjudice toward any bikes or projects that are presented, you've started a good thing of which I am grateful to be part of each and every day, were like a bunch of mechanical mad scientist that live for the next project build. 8)

(well, it's your project, you can name it and call the bikes anything you want sir!) :D