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Dec 14, 2007
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Austin, TX
Of course I had to jump into this build off... Kinda wish I had saved a couple of my already-almost-done SpaceLiner customs for the build off but it gives me a reason to start a new one. Here is what I will be starting with:


I had built up this FleetWing Mariner I got from Joe as an easy cruiser for my girl with a rack for her radio, but we broke up cuz we lived in different states... I went and got the bike back.

I have a chrome tank that I am going to try to make fit...

Not sure about the rest of the parts I am going to put on it. We shall see.

Re: the Navigator

Flight of the Navigator was rad! Glad to see you're here too Joey! Can't wait to see what you come up with on this one!
Re: the Navigator

Nice ride.

Is that some "engine turning" treatment on the chainguard? If so can we see a close up of it?


Re: the Navigator

CCR said:
JoeyMac said:

i think i still have that movie taped off TV ... on Beta :lol:

thanks for the memories ON WITH THE BUILD !!!

one of the few i had taped off tv too growing up.

good base joey.
Re: the Navigator

When assembling..........You'd better wear sunglasses.
Re: the Navigator

"I am...the Navigator"

That was a sweet movie. This should be a cool bike!
Re: the Navigator

picked up the bike a while ago... but I've been distracted with my Roadmaster project.

Anyway, here is the "before" picture.

and here is a rough mock-up... nothing is actually attached, still waiting on a couple parts.
But this is the general idea:

more to come...
Re: the Navigator


the chainguard will not actually be gold... going to strip it or repaint it.


the seat will actually be a little higher than that when mounted, with "bounce-room"


Going to be mounting this up here... somehow.


it's between this chainring and one that I am getting in a couple of days...
Re: the Navigator (finally getting started...)

Looking GOOD! Seat pan matches perfectly with the whole bike. Can't wait til March 1st.
Re: the Navigator (finally getting started...)

I'm gunna go out on a limb and say it doesn't need a tank. But I could be wrong. Really like it so far Joey.
Re: the Navigator (finally getting started...)

the sprocket is sweet, chainguard and tank definitley match the theme too, seat pan is shiny too :shock:
Re: the Navigator (finally getting started...)

Dude! This is why I was stoked to have you jump in on this build-off! I don't know how you can have so many unique ways to do up a spaceliner, man!
Re: the Navigator (finally getting started...)

That looks great. I like the brass chainguard with all the chrome. The spiro sprocket would look great if it was all silver.