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Jan 21, 2009
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Zambales, Philippines
Build thread:

03 Jun 24 finish20.jpg
03 Jun 24 finish 6.jpg
03 Jun 24 finish 8.jpg
03 Jun 24 finish 10.jpg
03 Jun 24 finish 3.jpg
03 Jun 24 finish 9.jpg
03 Jun 24 finish11.jpg
03 Jun 24 finish12.jpg
03 Jun 24 finish15.jpg
03 Jun 24 finish16.jpg
03 Jun 24 finish19.jpg
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Great job! Looks fun to ride. 😎
It is fun to ride. It's heavy but that's why it geared a little lower than a regular one speed. It's just right to cruise around on without being too slow.
Really nice looking ride. Interesting proportions. I keep thinking it's a 20 inch bmx bike when I look at it.
It was a 26" BMX for my grandson if he ever visited. He still has the blue one to ride.

Nice bmx cruiser size! Love the fatty skin walls on that custom paint frame.

Cool ride!
I went through and adjusted everything again. I raised the seat to get a better ride, the frame is 16". Already 99 heat index at 8am but a good short ride.
14 Jun 24b.jpg

From my house the street is downhill then goes back up to about the same elevation at the end where the bike is. I try to get enough momentum to minimize my inclined pedaling. It's a workout, low impact but I'm a senior citizen and the bike is heavy.

14 Jun 24 a.jpg