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May 10, 2021
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Although I want to get my Raleigh Sports going, something else found me that looks a lot more fun to do. The British Steel bike is being put on hold because I like the weird and unusual. After taking a small survey, I have been told Im allowed to make a change and go with this pedal car that has been sitting out for many years in a neighbors field. The tires are the same as a wheelbarrow and readily available. Lets see how much fun I can have with this
I ordered tires and tubes tonight, looking at tractor seats and steering wheels. The right rear wheel is the drive wheel and it presently operates like a fixie bike with no coasting. I will get it apart some on sunday. Im guessing its rusted in there. I wont sit on it with that seat, it has a lot of cracks on it and i dont need to hurt myself. Thinking rat rod flat black, red wheels with the dust caps silver, some lights, chrome steering wheel with brown ring, brown seat, flame decals, and whatever else comes along
Was just out looking at it some. The wheels have a coating on them that chipping off and they are rusted underneath. Getting fully stripped. They are not the same hubs as a wheelbarrow. Had to cancel my tire oder as the bigger rears i ordered wont work with the brakes. But having a lot of fun looking up a lot of different kinds of parts.
Tires are 4.80/8. I ordered some 5.7/ 8 for the rear but they will be too tall to fit in with the brake arm. Gotta stick with 4.8 all around But going with a bias ply type tread patternView attachment 161087
Crazy thought, but what about getting an extra set of wheels and making a dually in the rear?


Could just be cross drilled and bolted together

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