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Love it!

Did Gollum help with the polishing or just the photography?
Thank you! Well mostly just a guest appearance in the pic but it’s hard to deny it takes a little bit of insanity to do these things. 😅

Speaking of insanity removing the paint from this frame is pure pain.



Wow, you are a master level terd polisher!!
Wow, you are a master level terd polisher!!
Thank you brother. Was a real terd in the punch bowl today with the skewers. Decided to polish the originals but they got a little beat during dis-re-assembly.

Had bought a set of skewers for this but wasn’t sure about them. After polishing the hubs I tried them on and remembered they had titanium axles. 😃 Titanium is almost as cool as rust. Lighter and better action so that was a lot of tedium for nothing.

Here they are.

Well nothing too exciting going on. Still scrapping, stripping and sanding away on the frame which has been residing in the basement shop sink.


Did some more sanding on the fork trying to find a decent transition but not going to happen. Too much carbon over the crown. May have to use a sticker or some paint? Or maybe just leave it ratty/(lazy). 😅

Came across a couple interesting paint jobs on these bikes.

This one is covered with real butterflies and was ridden by Lance Armstrong in 2009.


Another one painted by a famous artist.

Both sold at charity auctions. 500k for the butterfly bike and 160 for the other one. More sports memorabilia than anything but it’s a very similar frame to the old Le Terd. Which I’ve been scraping with a big knife. 😅

Got some warm overnight temps so decided to attack what’s left of the paint with the carbolift stripper. Has to be wrapped with cling wrap and sit overnight.

Should have tried this earlier. Looks like it’s going to work better than expected.

Yay the carbolift removed all the white paint easily!


Was kicking myself for not using this sooner but there is another layer underneath that is clear or black that it made very sticky. Had enough left to give it another soak.


Hopefully get it sanded and cleared later. Changed the name back since the terdyness has been vanquished. 😎

Still can’t believe all the paint is actually off of this carbon frame. 😃
It's never been a terd to begin with, but it was a fun name. The new one fits much better.
How many years did it take to strip this baby down now? :D
An example...
That’s very cool! Always nice to learn something new from our resident “Trekspert”.

Didn’t see a bare carbon with polished dropouts and cable stops tho.


That optional paint job costs almost double what I paid for my whole bike. Plan is to use these black Trek stickers to create a stealthy “invisiblivery”.

It's never been a terd to begin with, but it was a fun name. The new one fits much better.

It's hilarious and served as great motivation as a swore not to change the name back until the frame was done.

How many years did it take to strip this baby down now? :D

This pic was posted May 7, 2018. Man time really flies by.