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Exactly! Chain stay protector, vinyl, color; yellow to match housing?
Exactly! Chain stay protector, vinyl, color; yellow to match housing?
I have some grey somewhere that’s heavy duty and similar to the color on Dom’s GTX. Yellow would be cool. There will be another little piece of yellow housing right there.

Thanks for the inspiration. Now where did I put that vinyl. 🤔

Couple pix for page six.




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WOW! That is a thing of beauty right there!
Thank you so much! Finally coming together.

Found the vinyl. Had to give myself an OJ award. 😃 Even used the little leather case for a straight edge.




Is the T in Chad T short for Toretto?

She doesn’t look too bad in the old weed garden/BBQ graveyard.


Need to sell some stuff so I can go on a gold ano buying binge.
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Love the gold ano idea! Maybe the front shifter cables should be gold ano instead of yellow?

Found these for starters...

chad chain ring bolts.jpg
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Man, that bike looks killer. The cockpit looks like a spaceship! It wants to go fast!

Thank you Matti. It does want to move. When I leaned it against the house I had to chock the front wheel with a stick to keep it from taking off.

Beautiful build awesome street fighter crisp and clean, my style of build, love it
Thank you!
Love the gold ano idea! Maybe the front shifter cables should be gold ano instead of yellow?

Found these for starters...

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Ha! Too late. Ordered these last night from the bay.


Saw those on Amazon. These were a little cheaper. I want that little wrench tho!

Did a little mod to the shifters last night. Little carbon vinyl over the Microshift branding.


Then…..went full Dr Crankenstein on the cranks.

Took a lot of licks to get to the center.

Think I went too far tho.

I’ll put them on the trike and steal the SRAM cranks for this.

These cranks. They're a lot lighter. You can see how the arms are hollowed out on the back. Was gonna steal the pedals off of it anyway,
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Love all the mods! Yeah, that little wrench is key to a too tight crank 'sex bolt', as @kingfish254 likes to call them. 🤪

Wow, those "sex bolts" have holes in the front and the back!!!
Few new things. Can’t use the SRAM cranks as they’re 130 bolt pattern and I don’t have rings for that so the Franken cranks will go on the bike.

Discovered a new finish. Put a little easy off on these black pedals then hit them with a brass brush.

Turned them into “Rat-tanium”.


Going for a satin finish on the outer chainring. Inner will stay black.


Starting to work on the rear derailleur. It’s rough.

Getting rougher.


Re-did the chainstay protector/stripe. Made it one piece and used some vinyl to make the center stripe.


Dah mech.



Little more difficult than expected. Springs are stiff and under some tension just to assemble. Got bit a few times but happy with the result. 😎

Will get some more pics when the chainring bolts come and chain is installed. Punch list is getting short. Touch up on non-drive crank and makeover front derailleur. Then cables and I think that’s about it. 🤔
Looking forward to gold accent jewelry.
I was too but there been a hiccup with that. Ordered another set tho. It’s just the outer bolts but I was going to keep the steel Shimano ring nuts on there anyway.


Other set I ordered the guy sends me orange/mango and swears up and down that those are the gold ones I ordered.

Made some nice photos to post in his feedback. It’s an obvious and remorseless bait & switch.


It’s free returns but still have to print a label and get them in the mail. I really hate being lied to. Will have to wait as they have a 7 day cooldown period to leave neg or neutral feedback.
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