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Jun 11, 2014
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Hello guys, I was sent here by friend and told me i should post my bike up here
shes a early 60s Sears/Jc Higgins Spaceliner With a 66/80cc Mega motors(Bike
She came from Maine and was very rusty I had different plans at one point so I paint stripped her ditched the tank light and brought it a family beach house, were she rusted but this time she looked good, had the engine kit for a bmx bike plopped it in and went from there.
All of the metal is original and the handle bars are just flipped. The seat is from a 70s road bike
I hated the controls from the kit cheap plastic everything, so I made my own.
The throttle is from a 70s Royce Union was a 3 speed, smoothed out the internals put in a spring for the simple action and used the original bike casing to cover the wire.
The "Starter lever" is the 5 speed off a 70s schwinn, Same mounting place, I just wanted the S to stand out for Sears
I fitted so many different tanks, then one day my dad showed me his idea and it went from there. I loved the copper, so we tired to see if it would hold as a fuel line. Kill switch is a toggle switch mounted under the tank then used hole punched green and red tape next to og headlight switch as a helpful reminder. Also made a little velocity stack for the tiny carb.
Got 2nd place at a car show, Ill try to get video soon!
This is my first bike project so tell me what you think!
Thanks guys!
Nov 4, 2009
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CT Shoreline
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Really nice,almost steampunk. I love the bare frame rust,nice job... Stevil


Apr 17, 2014
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Using copper tube over fuel line is a neat trick as well.
The use of a three speed shift as a throttle is cool too, I wish there were pics of the mods done to it. I'd thought of using one as a brake controller for rebels cause.

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