the "Starliner" cafe racer

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Sep 21, 2007
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ICT, Kansas
Wel,l here it is, the Starliner. Base on a 26" Spaceliner frame with a 24" rat trap springer fork. With my version of bolt on drop out extensions, with an aircraft nose cone for that cafe racer look. Motivated by a 48 tooth star sprocket hooked up to a 2-speed kickback hub with 24 x 3 rubber . Enjoy, I know I will.



man that thing is insane!
i bet its like 9 feet long!
That is one of my favorite builds.........very nicely done!
OOOOooohhh Mama! :shock: :shock: :shock: Now that one big.....B...I...K...E. Tell me there's a 50mm gatling cannon and side-winder missles aboard your jet fighter? Long and sleek...are you sure it doesn't fly? Great job :mrgreen:
way cool! I agree on the outcome-limitations issue. Very well done! Yep, the nosecone is really growing on me. Can't stop thinking bout different ways to use it though. I think it would be fun to mount a piece of red see-through plexiglass and make this light bucket double it's function. How insane would that be? You riding your bike being all red from the glare the 'back'-light...

Well done.
As a SpaceLiner fan, I can really appreciate this one. This is definitely something I had never really expected to see. And as shocking as seeing that nose cone first was to me, now I find it so perfect on there, that I am about to go dismantle the closest airplane I can find to steal one for myself :)