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What do you think of those Country Rocks? I installed a set on an old Cannondale SM500 nice tire IMHO!
They seem nice, really sticky on asphalt. I haven't put any serious miles yet. My concern is the tread pattern looks like it will pick up lots of little stones when I hit gravel
ORBO dreams got my juices flowing, so I brought the RockRat inside.

Not the best one in the world, but definitely one of my favorites. This spring, you roll again, old friend.
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Rear derailleur cleanup

How many decades of neglect am I scraping off here?

This is what I scraped off of one side of one pulley!

This isn't a before and after thing, this was when I realized that they're actually two different types! I was also surprised to learn they're not black, they're grey
Anyhow, all cleaned up and back together, just need to tidy up a couple of screws and lube some things, but the 3-in-1 is out in the garage
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Ring a ding dong ding

Two derailleurs and tires

Shimano STX Bought the rear one new in 1996ish, the front one new-old last year. Makes me happy finally having them together.

Not fully inflated yet, but plenty of Clarence, clearance
This is a Schwinn??? that was given to me that I went through it’s a great little bike I dig it. It is sporting Kenda K-Rads they work well.


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You mean I may not be biking alone
Maybe. Got the seatpost and seat tube cleaned up, opened up the clamp, now the thing slides in and out smoothly. Pulled the Deerheads off the Nishiki and slapped the cockpit together too
It's almost a bike again. Not sure if I like the stem, those bars are way up there now. Riser stem plus riser bar might be a step too far. Still needs all the little things; grips, cables, those little tubes that go in the noodle...
Trying to buy a little bit more time for Lil Thundrrr on the Electra. He grew a bunch over the weekend, his knees were banging on the bars.
OG bars:

Higher rise, less pullback on these ones from a Mongoose BMX should fix that for a while

I'm going to clean up a longer seatpost I found to give him a little more leg room too. Felt like springtime messing around in the sun
I'm going to clean up a longer seatpost I found to give him a little more leg room too.
Hehehe lil bit more than just a post. Would have preferred a chrome one, but aluminum is what I had that fit

Hopefully I didn't go overboard and he'll still ride it. Gotta get it some new pedals yet
The last couple of years, it has felt like I am cursed. Really bad bike luck had been doggin' me. Can't buy a bike no matter how hard I try, can't finish a bike either. I've only been able to count on Duck Norris to keep me rolling. Spending most of last summer without a functional mountain bike will not be repeated. I know it is silly, but I blame my Brodie, things started when I bought it and never did anything with it. With that in mind, dropped it off at the lbs to get some long overdue maintenance.

Fingers crossed that this is step one towards shaking the Curse, and hopefully a great riding season. I really wanna get to know this bike
Did you watch the video like I told you to
No, I've got brakes all figured out, will be studying for the derailleurs though
I might need to borrow that crimp tool but stoked you got them on
Wasn't a specific crimp tool after all, I was using a wire stripper with little section for crimping. Didn't work all that well, might have to make a purchase

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