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I have this coming in the mail Monday or Tuesday. Not 100% sure it will work out on this build or not. This bike will be for my grandson when he's old enough to ride it. He's only 4 right now and his whole world is Hot Wheels and dinosaurs. If I can blend it in with my other ever changing ideas for this bike, I will. Wanted one of these or the Hot Rodder motors when I was a kid.
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Got it in the mail today. It looks like I'll be able to use it on this build. Had to get to work right after the mail came so I wasn't able to snap any pictures. I'm going to do another mock up this evening after work with some of the parts changes/additions I'll post pictures then.
Ok, spent the last few hours putting together a mid build mock-up. Wanted to make sure it would look like the picture in my mind. Not far off. Have not settled 100% on the color scheme, but have narrowed it down to 2 possibilities. I'm definitely in need of either different handlebars or different risers or possibly both. The tire combo I decided on should be here this weekend. Going with a different color seat, but same dimensions and will be making a matching headrest. I had to go back to a much shorter shorter crank to clear that V-RROOM Motor. But have a new ring gear and chain and peddles coming. Still working out both the front disc brake and rear drum. The wheels inserts will be changed to match the overall color scheme and I still need to get and then wire up a generator/magneto to run the 2 tail lights and the headlight which is actually one side of a pair of driving/fog lights for a motorcycle. No idea what they came off of, but there is a date inside of 1926. Overall I'm very happy with how it's shaping up.





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Got new handlebars and risers. Bike is torn down and waiting on paint. Still hoping to make the mag wheels work, but just Incase I've got a couple backup sets waiting in the wings. Ready for 1st coat of primer in the morning, paint will be here Friday and hopefully start putting this little piggy back together. Have the foam and made a backboard for a padded sissy bar backrest ordered and still waiting on the vinyl for it and to redo the seat to match.
The new vinyl came yesterday for the seats and the back rest I'm making.
Color shifting blue to purple for the 1st layer. Clear vinyl sheet with both skull's and Rose's on it.
I'll post photos after each piece is done and in sunlight. These pictures do not do it justice. At least not in this lighting.

1st photo is what I'm starting with for the 1st seat.



Getting close. I'll be getting back to work on it tomorrow, I have to spend some more time working on "Kid Sister". So everything else will have to wait until tomorrow. Still deciding which chaingard I want to use. I need to make a brake cable attachment for the brake actuator and run the brake cable. I'm still working out the front fender as well. I'm not sure about the front tire, I may change that as well. And I still have the seat to finish.
Put a little more work in on it. Installed the front fender and had a couple open holes in the top of it so I covered them up with a kitty cat. Added the springs to the handlebar riser's and put the Murray tank on it. If the blue on the tank had metal flake it would be an exact match. Getting close and probably be working on this or the other right up to the end.

Barely got a picture loaded in the finished section. Was working up to the last second putting a second crappy seat cover on. My cat decided the 1st nice one was her new scratching post this morning.


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