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Acid was powerful stuff back then. :lol:

I have questions about the turquoise lobster and the flying goat with the pink leis. :shock:
I believe i have that Album !,is that the one Titled "ALL~N~ALL ?
Still is one of the best things. That's why I dig through the records at garage sales,goodwill,and record stores(yes there are still some records stores that sell.....RECORDS!).
Hmm. If you're using that for your rrbbo#8 motivation I may just have to dig out the old Parliament Funkadelic and bring the Mothership back around. :wink:
I bet most kids wouldn't know what that giant black C.D. looking thing was. Heck, most may not even know what a C.D. is for that matter.
Ha. I. Get. It. I. Am. The. Punctuation. Joke. Sorry. I. Must . Have. Missed. The. English. Class. In. Second. Grade. But. Then. Again. Maybe. I. Just. Donut. Care. "QUESTION MARK"
MMMMMM. Donuts!

Although. The. "Run. D.M.C. On. Sentence". Was. A. Good. One.
Is. That. Enough. Punctuation. "QUESTION MARK"
I. Am. So. Dumb. I. Had. To. Edit. This. Post. To. Add. A. Period. :oops:
I do hope that this will be a run on joke but just so everyone knows all the cool kids are using fragments now but that just goes to show that kids dont really know some things while they excel at others i mean why would they want to take that stock modified purple paint and cover it with purple powder that may just be dried out grape soda that the person that they hired to take photographs of the modified stock frame that is covered in dried up grape soda or does it become it powdercoated if it was koolaid? istill enjoyed the rundmconsentancecommentthough. thatwasfairlyoriginalandihopethattherunonjokewillstayfreshandnotgostalelikedonuts. donuts....mmmmmm
ok i thought this was a post about a dope albume cover.. "I LOVE IT"
But i also feel like im school again.. i hated school.. so im out...Peace!
again the albume cover is super nice and the colors are awesome..i love it! I too digg through the crates at GW i got a Richard Pryor albume a few weeks ago for .99 and its some funny ish!!! Thats a gem right there..
^^ im always in the shadows..hahaha
but i totaly love the old albums or the big black cd's.... my son youngest even started to collect old radios tape players and 8tracks.. he's only 12 he wants a record player next.. so im on that mission now its funny how he has all this fancy stuff i never had as a kid or even as adult :shock: but loves the old simple stuff even more go figure.... he always tells me "dad i got the collest bike at school" talking about his stngray and camel back.. heck if i come across any new albums ill post them up here if you dont mind..