Transforming a 350w electric unicycle into front end of a custom adult drift/trick tricycle.

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Jul 2, 2023
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Burt, Iowa
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Ok, so last week I won an online auction for a 350 electric self balancing unicycle. (Alcohol may have contributed to that decision). Today I tried to try it out. And I am 100% positive that had I continued I may not have survived. So I spent the rest of the day wondering what to do with and so far I'm thinking a front wheel powered for lack of a better word drift tricycle. Something along the lines of the one in the 2nd Attachment.




But just for nostalgia sake I'm thinking something cooler resembling a Big Wheel like I had as a child in the 70's.

Still in the thinking about it phase.
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Decided to go a different way with this. I pulled the seat and seat post off of it, found a taller post and put a stem and a MTB flat bar on it just to get an idea of how it would look and what type of bars I would actually need. And other then the bars being to low stillit felt like I could have more control then sitting on the seat and leaning side to side for balance as well as turning. So dug out a different stem to push the bars out front a bit more, and put a set of OCC stingray 12" rise apes leaning forward and hooped in it, it went 2 feet and tbe battery died. So it's charging now and I'm going to use this time to call and up my life insurance payout, just in case. 😆