Triple Tree Springer Fork for 3G Newport?

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Apr 29, 2013
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Hello Everyone,
I am having trouble finding a Triple Tree Springer Fork for my 3G Newport. I have the Boa-G tires (26"x3.45"). Monark said that they don't currently have anything, but are working on larger forks for the larger tires. Any ideas or advice would be much appreciated.. Have a great day, y'all!
You might consider this fork... ... inger+fork

I have one on my Ruff Cycle's "The Dean" cruiser...

Whoah, Sick bike, man... I love it! Thanks for your response.. Definitely gonna check that fork out... Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
Do you happen to know if they come in both 1" and 1 1/8" threadless? I would need the 1 1/8"threadless. I cant seem to find that in the descriptions.. Thanks!
Hahaha.. Nevermind... I did my math like a good boy and just realized 28.6mm is 1 1/8th.. How tight does the tire fit to the fork? Any trouble with rubbing? Thanks?
jsrister said:
Hello Everyone,
I am having trouble finding a Triple Tree Springer Fork for my 3G Newport.


Is there a triple tree springer for ANY size tire?
I haven't seen any other than custom and home done.
I was curious if you ever put a triple tree on your Newport? I was just starting to look around for one to put on my Newport. Would love to see some pics if you did. Thanks.
If we could get u.s. choppers to mod their fork it would be an awesome one.
te="momo.75, post: 814631, member: 18396"]I can't even find any pics of a Newport or Santa Cruz with a springer or triple tree.[/quote]
That is why you should!
Well, I finally got around to buying that Sunlite springer for my 3G Newport.. Turns out the reason why you don't see any pictures of them is that they don't fit. The tire is hitting the back fork. Just got it in today and was deeply saddened to find this out.. I think the reason it fits Rat Rod's Dean over the Boa G's is the rake he has compared to mine on the Newport.. I need to drop the front fork like 1-1.5"s to get clearance on the bank fork, but don't know how I'm going to do it.. Any suggestions would be helpful.. But I'm afraid it's a lost cause with out cutting some stuff.. :(
If your Newport is the bike in your profile pic, then yeah, it has an abnormally long headtube, which is the root of your problems. You could probably replace the springs with longer ones (available for motorcycle solo seats), but you'd also have to extend the bolts somehow, I think.
After consulting a neighbor, yesterday, who builds VW dragsters and motorcycles, we determined the 3G Newport steering tube is too large to fit the mentioned springer.. It won't fit on a 3G Newport.. I repeat, it won't fit a 3G Newport.. Boa G tires were not the problem, the steering tube is too long.. But my neighbor took it to a machine shop, he needed some work, and they are gonna fix this springer fork to fit my bike... It will have to be custom fitted.. Hope this helps.. I'll post pictures when it's complete.. ✌️