UCB Hub Project- Musselman Rebuild

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Aug 20, 2009
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Derby, KS
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Another entry in the UCB Hub Project- Musselman/Elgin/JC Higgins Finned Hubs. These are one of the simplest hubs I have worked on and I am so far pleased with its performance.

We will begin with the factory drawing to show what we are about to get into.




The tear down begins with removing the Adjusting Cone (314)

Next remove the Driving Screw (315) with the sprocket and sprocket lock nut attached

Slide the axle and remaining components out the back side of the hub.

Remove the remaining parts from the axle. The Brake Arm (301), Dust Cap (302), Bearing (3137) and Stationary Cone (3115) can be left on the axle if they are clean, If not remove them as well. Here is what you should have in front of you now.

Here is what the hub internals should look like assembled inside the hub.

Grease everything well and reassemble in reverse order.

Now mount your wheel and get back to riding.
Ok, first of all, please delete my post and advise me where to ask about this if you'd rather I didn't clutter up your How-To thread. I'm trying to service the rear Musselman(Elgin) hub on my girl's Miss America. I am using your thread here as a guide(Thank you!), but I've run across a little difference from another Elgin hub that will soon be laced up to a rear rim for my Twin 20. The Driving Clutch(#319) is different on each one. I'm trying to fugure out if its worn,damaged,modified or just made a bit different. Please LMK if it does indeed look worn down so I can swap in my parts for now. Also, how do I go about adjusting everything? I've only serviced a set of ND hubs so far, so I am by no means an expert in bike repairs. Thanks in advance for any help! Mike

Miss America hub...


Extra,loose hub...

Posting the factory drawing is very helpful. Let's me know exactly what I'm looking at. After taking mine apart & cleaning it I need to replace the bearings part #3121 outside the cog. Any idea wear I can get them?

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Option 1: take what is left of the bearings, the cog they ride in, the threaded race and the drawing to your local bike shop and they should have them in stock.
Option 2: Find loose bearings the same diameter as the ones you are replacing and fill the cog minus one bearing.

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