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Apr 24, 2007
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Got more shoveling to do before i can start on this. I got the bike as a challenge last spring. The stuck seat post is broken off in the seat tube with the top of the remaining post about 1 inch down in the frame. And the bike has been sitting out a few years before i bought it. Missing seat, post, chain rusted solid, bike won't roll. The previous owner told me he used do deliver pizza's on it. Arrrh Forbidden Donuts.

After the first foot of snow.


After another foot of snow.

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LOL I'm not in Iowa but I ain't thawed out yet to get on mine either....
Temps in the 30s so snow is melting. You can see the bike now.

An avalanche of snow landed on the next batch of bikes. Steel roof on the shed, facing south. Sorry I missed seeing that.


de-snowed and thawing out.

two stickers on the seat tube for RHAT. Hum, a local band some where or rude slang in NY/Penn ? I will try to remove those without damaging the paint or factory decals.

Chain so rusty its getting shorter and trying to climb off the chainring.



Hum, a local band some where or rude slang in NY/Penn ?
Slightly rude political comment, your bike leans republican.

Rahm Emanuel, 3 terms in the House of Representatives, White House Chief of Staff, Mayor of Chicago, currently Ambassador to Japan.
Bike dismantled. remains of the seat post extracted. not too hard. Reciprocating saw. Cut several slots in the post, a couple taps and it loosened up. About 20 minutes on that. The pedals are not going to come out without taking the aluminum threads with them. I was going to reuse the cranks but not a chance. I cleaned off the pedal axles and have it soaking in penetrating oil but I have no hope of getting them out. Took some hammering to get the fork out. Chain rusted nearly solid. All the bearings were stuck but I put some wd in them and they are loosening up including the single cog freewheel. All will get repacked/replaced.

First washing of the frame. Most of those extra stickers came right off. Some were covered in clear shipping tape that the water released okay. Lots of chips in the paint. Looks like a thick stove enamel with no primer. I may try to touch up all the chips. There are only a few thousand shades of white so the chances of a perfect match are low. The frame is pretty lightweight. Tig welded cromo.

seat.post.remains (2).JPG
seat.post.remains (5).JPG
seat.post.remains (1).JPG
cranks off. bb out. Peddles are being very stubborn. One pedal shaft is cut about 1/3 of the way in the cone threads.

FSA.cranks (1).JPG

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