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I only get 3.5" on the seat stays up to just over halfway to the where the bulgiest part of my tire I'm down to 2.95". Chain stays are 3.25" until just shy of the rim, and then start their curve in.

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This pic is with the chain off and the wheel pulled all the way back in the drops...max clearance :nod:. Distance from knobby to stay in this pic is just under .12"...with the axle all the way back.

My tires are low...and I don't have an air gauge here. Back measured 2.25"…front 2.24". (aired up the front some, now 2.27"). So, for every .1" you add in tire width, you add .05" to the tire cross section radius. Going to a 2.45" (+.2" to my measured 2.25") will eat up .1" of my .12" chain stay clearance, leaving .02"... which isn't much :grin:.

It could be that there were changes over the years of the may have more room than me. Some ideas to maximize tire size would be to lengthen the dropout slots...or, some judicious tube crushing like Carl mentioned...or, more radically, remove the kickstand mount and reshape the chainstays.
Looks like were trying to compare apples to oranges ?
SHD chainstay.jpg
Yes...that is quite the orange!

I was thinking after my last post, 'maybe mine isn't an HD...maybe it's a supreme (or deliveri?)'.
With an American bottom bracket, I think it has to be an HD (maybe Deliveri... can't find much info), all the Supremes have threaded bottom brackets. Just differences across model years I spose.
Ok. Great day for my computer to finally croak. Went to Best Buy on my way to the guitar shop and got a new Lenovo Chromebook so I promise I'll get the new thread up as soon as I get home from guitar repairs...

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