Value of my 1969 Raleigh sport 3 Gold Edition.

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Jul 2, 2023
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Burt, Iowa
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I have decided to thin the heard so to speak and would like any insight to the fair value or fair asking price I may expect to price it or fair offer to consider accepting. Still have not decided if I want to take offer, set a price or auction it. Only thing I decided was to sell it complete rather then chop it up. The pictures show the bike with the period correct black seat and black grips. I received the bike with no seat and cheap no name modern rubber grips the did not fit or look good. Anyway when I got it I replaced all the cables and white cable housings. Then realized I already owned the correct seat, but did no match the housings. And the grip twist shifter was corroded and missing parts so I i put a trigger shifter on it. But earlier Monday afternoon I went and got new black cable housings. And the correct grip shifter. Also the headlight shown was non functional and a Japanese made after market light. I do not have the correct light, but I do have a Schwinn Approved headlight , tail light mounted directly to the generator that I can install and add the cost to the invoice if purchased. Paint and decals are in fantastic condition some of the chrome fixtures have light surface rust that should polish up nice. After I swap out the cable housings and remove the busted headlight I'll add more detailed photos. As soon as I got it, I cleaned and greased all bearings. Replaced the hardened brake pads, rusted cables and very grubby cable housings and 2 new tubes and like new Kenda tires to replace the weather checked ones on it. The worst thing about the paint is that someone engraved their social security number into the middle of the top bar.

Please do not make any offers in this thread, this is just a get a feel for it post. When I'm ready to sell it I will let anybody interested know I'm about to and where it will be posted. I'll be posting a couple other of my bikes up for sale as well. I bought it built them to resell but until now wanted to keep them all. The Diamond Back BMX, this and the Amp Research built Mercedes mountain bike will be posted for sale this week as well.
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I am willing to pay $50-$75 for Raleigh 3 speeds. They pop up from time to time in that price range. Of course I spend triple that refurbishing them.

The gold, as you know, is hard to find. Sounds like collectors looking specifically for gold are willing to pay more.

There is one on eBay right now for 395 plus another 91 in shipping. It hasn’t been snatched up.

My best guess would be somewhere between 100 and 300. I bet it would sell fast at $150. Maybe list it at $325 and see what kind of interest it generates.