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Feb 6, 2016
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London, UK
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Does anyone know the upsweep on VDC cruiser bars? Someone has a pair of maybe VDC bars for sale, so I want to check if they're real or jekyll
Does anyone know the upsweep on VDC cruiser bars?
Nope. Not axcording to this thread, anyhow:
"To be honest it could have been just different weeks. Some of Voris's VDC frames changed geometry over the course of a week. So anything is possible."

"If the geo or size doesn't determine the brand or year then they could be either VDC or Tuf-Neck depending on the stickering."

Some really good info and pics though, could still be helpful to pin it down:

thanks, I checked those out, lots of info, but the upsweep is still a mystery, I'll post over also on the museum see if anyone has a pair and can guess the sweep angle.
I don’t know the exact angle, but they do have a little bit of up sweep. I’ve owned 8 or so pairs and they were pretty consistent. They’re really just like the normal steel cruiser bars of the era with a cross bar and aluminum.

I also have a red pair for sale on the museum
oh those are yours, nice. VDC bars seem to have quite an upsweep, if you see them on the first pic i attached, they look really swept up.

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