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Rat Rod said:
Scanned a few cool ads from a 1984 issue of Fat Tire Flyer

here's one of those crazy mcs bikes on the trail. grand mesa @1986. boy they rode poorly......
Heres a couple of pics of my '83 Univega that I've updated a little, but will be a getting a full make over in the not-to-distant future:



Here's my '89 Giant Iguana, with it's color coordinated blackburn rack and cages and specialized toe clips. What was I thinking??? As goofy as those old Scott AT-4 bars look, I do like them better than the flat bars and bar-ends on my new Specialized.

That's sweet. I had a 1990 Iguana.
Rat Rod said:
This is about as close as I 1987 Schwinn Sierra.





Very nice. I just picked up an '89 model. It is in decent shape but has a dent in the downtube. I am going to go to early-mid '90's spec on the rebuild.
my 1989 Supergo Access Comp. Italian tubing (Columbus SL) made in Taiwan. This bike rides great. Does everything well in the woods, and moves along on the road too. Owned it since new. On it's second groupo. All that is original is the headset, seat post, handlebars.

Here's my old mountain bike and daily rider. It's a '92 Sakai Litage, Japanese made. It started out life as a test bike for my grandpa's bike parts business. They'd load it up with all the new high tech parts and then give it to my dad to go beat the crap out of it and see how it held up. Eventually he got it, and once he got a new mountain bike it was given to me. It's got all Suntour components, and an ugly paintjob. My grandpa gave it to a powder coater with the instructions "go wild." Now it's a pink/yellow/red random finish.

scans of some old photos

posted these old durango shots on mtbr years ago, but someone here might like them as well.....

one of my old roommates on my schwinn 'deluxe cruiser' one speed on the old road to perins peak. spring of '82 or '83. i had the only 'mtb' in our house so we'd trade walking and riding :)


the first time off road racing was incorporated into the 'iron horse bicycle classic'. 1983, i think. greg herbold is on the left riding the cruiser.


'83 ihbc again, several of the the crested butte riders still ran drop bars....


That, my friend, is kickin' it old school.