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Why is Kid Sister listed in class 1 finished bike listing but it wasn’t in the voting thread ?? Should have been voted on !
Because it wasn’t entered on time

He tried to submit it and missed the deadline, I opened the forums back up and gave an extension (which we don’t typically) and then I closed them again. If you look, that thread for it was just created today after voting had started

We cannot edit a poll after the first vote is cast
Cass 1 voting observation

"Multiple votes are allowed". Got that. Great improvement over the older system of 3 votes and qualifying rounds. Voting for all is like voting for none. If you are trying to "win" you only vote for yourself so you don't outvote your own entry. Well, here it's like voting for art. Which is better? Grant Woods American Gothic, or Edward Hopper's Night Hawks or the Mona Lisa. You vote for what you like and there is usually a lot to like.

But the second instruction "You can vote as many times as you want". Is this Chicago Politics at play?

I'm confused.

You can vote for as many choices as you like

You can’t actually vote more than once which is obvious since the system doesn’t allow it
One guy gets it, eh? Let's gather our loonies for a twofour we can drink on the Chesterfield watching Don Cherry
Loonie -one dollar
Twofour- box of 24 beer that fits on flipped up dropbars.
Chesterfield -couch as discussed
Don Cherry- god status here
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