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Henry Thomas, 1920s, Bulldoze Blues. Canned Heat ripped him off note for note. Instead of being pushed around (bulldozed) Canned Heat changed Henry’s trip to Memphis to going to Canada to avoid the draft.

I was listening to Hot Jazz Saturday Night last night (November 25, 2023). They played some free form jazz recordings by Lennie Tristano which at first weren't released, but were released later. You can listen to the show archive here when its posted: https://wamu.org/show/hot-jazz-saturday-night/

I found some here (bottom of page)
It reminds me a little bit of this music.
Naked Lunch Soundtrack - Howard Shore - Ornette Coleman - The London Philharmonic Orchestra

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One of my favorites
Fun fact I hung out with these guys when the new bomb Turks and electric Frankenstein opened for them. Great night of rock n roll and other stuff I can't discuss here.

That’s a great bill!
The title of that record was inspired by Wesley Willis, who first met the band when he traveled to San Diego in 1994 or 95 or whenever that was.
I think he ended up touring or at least playing a block of shows with them.
Useless trivia, I know, but these things pop into my head sometimes and I feel compelled to talk about them.

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