What have you been riding lately?

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Went to my parents for diner with our kids in the bike trailer, finally stopped raining here after a month or so:


Pope Roger is too big to park!

And testride miss rideseternal's bike. Some issues with the hydraulic disc brake. Fixed it.


All done!
Hey guys,

Sorry for the spam, but could not withhold this beautiful mornings commute with Pope Roger.

The early morning smell (no, it wasn’t sweat) is great!



rode the Centurion yesterday on the Farmington Canal Path. This is a stop for a snack and top off a bottle in Southington CT.

Centurion on the path.jpg
First dirt outing on the new setup. Local high school cross country track makes for a nice tight short track loop

Maxxis tires on point 🤙🏼 A bit more front end push than the previous Continental race king but overall pretty impressed. Need to dial back the rebound on my fork

Just saw the ad that had Mylie on her back with her feet in the air... In the "What have you been riding lately?" thread. Very funny, very funny. Not exactly family friendly but very funny...
I'm back in Arlington, Texas house and pet-sitting for my brother and sister-in-law again. This morning was the coolest it's ever going to be this week, so I took advantage of it and rode my 1961 Murray Meteor Flite, Shoestring, on the trails in and around the neighborhood. I ended up riding Shoestring 11 miles this morning! I would have gone further too, except the edges of the seat pan were trying to cut into my backside, and I was getting saddle sores as a result. Overall though, it was a blast riding this bike through the trees, watching planes land and take off nearby, checking out the sights, and even observing the occasional bit of wildlife.
The Wolverine is collecting quite a few kilometers lately (thinking that I wanted to sell this bike and now it has become my favorite ride).
Today I made another tour to and through the Grunewald and took the time for a quick swim in the devil's lake in viewing distance of the former US surveillance station on the Teufelsberg. That hill was built up after the second world war with rubbel from the destroyed buildings of Berlin. With 121m it was the highest hill of Berlin for a long time.

Took Shoestring out on the trails again earlier this morning. I went the opposite direction I rode yesterday, and I rode all the way to the other end of the trail. I ended up riding 13 miles this time. Pretty proud of that, especially since I was the only guy out there riding a 62-year-old single speed bike.

What's interesting is that there were 3 areas where the paved trail was out of commission, so there were these short alternate routes that were basically wood chips on dirt. This bike wasn't really designed for off-roading, especially not with these tires, but I made it through each part just fine. It felt a little slippery, but that led to a funny moment where I entered one of these routes a little faster than I intended, and actually got the bike to drift sideways a little bit! That was fun!

Here are a few other photos I shot during that trip this morning.
Really loving my Build Off bike. The geometry is pretty much perfect, as is the gear ratio. I've just been mobbin' around town enjoying life. My wife teases me that I treat my bike like the 'Travelocity Gnome', taking its picture everywhere I travel. She's not wrong 🤣

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I had to give it a tune up yesterday, as to be expected with new cables, it dropped the chain a few times and the front brake needed a rebuild. But it's running true now.


The STR 29 has seen more service too. It draws the most comment of my fleet. At lights and crossings, a few people in cars have wound down a window and asked me where I got the bike. And it's a bulletproof as I could make it.

Since I had just enough time after doing a mock up of my new Redline to make it to Bike Night I grabbed Maurice from the top of the pile for Bike Night last night. It was a beautiful evening after a scorcher of a day. I was enjoying the ride and conversations with friends & only took one picture as we were heading out from the break. There were many more people and a couple of dogs not seen in the pic.....🤷‍♂️
Just a comment on a rando ad that popped up here in the what are you riding lately thread. I have noticed more than once that ads here on RRB are often on the edge of being "not suitable" for kids to see. I don't like the idea of passing it off as that's just the world today, but it's the truth.
Just a comment on a rando ad that popped up here in the what are you riding lately thread. I have noticed more than once that ads here on RRB are often on the edge of being "not suitable" for kids to see. I don't like the idea of passing it off as that's just the world today, but it's the truth.
Off topic interlude……….


Usually in the upper right hand corner of an ad is an arrow and an X

Anyone can use that to stop that type of ad, and give a reason why

But it’s all analytics. The site and hosts have no control over what ads you are seeing

Ok, back to riding 🚴🚵‍♂️🚵‍♀️🚴‍♀️