What have you been riding lately?

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I made it out to Firestone for a couple of hours yesterday to soak up some Vitamin D on a gorgeous 70°+ day!🤓

Trying to get together with some friends to enjoy a cruise in even better weather today but sounds like everyone is busy. May end up back on the DJ bike later today if so...🤷‍♂️
Took the old mid 1990's Avanti Barracuda comp for a ride to work, actually buttery smooth to ride,it needs a full strip clean and rebuild,everything except the seat clamp,pedals and possibly the rear derailleur (I say this as some companies like to mix and match deraileurs for what ever reason) is all original, it's got scratches and paint chips but overall is in pretty good condition except the LX deraileur is sloppy around the pivots but shifts really well and the tyres are cracked in a million places although he gave me a set of perfect new old stock matching tyres,
Tange headset, oh and STX-RC everything, i have an STX rear derailleur that will go on once the rebuild starts
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Well, my friends were busy or planned other things out of the wind yesterday. Although it was in the upper 70's the wind from the south/southwest was fierce. Almost turned around on the way to Superior for some laps but went anyway. Strong winds just make one stronger and ended up spending much longer than anticipated.🤓
Out of this world!

When Art Collides

That's one of my favorite builds.

Thanks. VerBoten is still holding up well after 8 years. Still rides great too.
I rode my 1919 Mead Ranger for the Old Bikes Club ride around Denver yesterday with some friends and their amazing machines!

The guys in front came to an abrupt halt on one section of path. It was overrun by goat heads!!! :eek::eek::eek: After they blasted though them, they all flipped their bikes to pick out thorns. Much to our surprise, NO FLATS!!!:113:

We made it to Ruby Hill Park with lots of dirt jumps & other ways for one to injure themselves real bad while having fun! Nobody hit the jumps but we did take soma fast rips on the singletrack around the perimeter of the park.

I had to split early to visit my Mom & Stepdad that were in town to start his next round of cancer treatment. I was a bit early so swung by the Christkindle Market a couple blocks from where they were staying. Lots of great Christmas trinkets & some talented dancers!

I picked up some great German food to take to visit for a while and was great to see them. Not long enough, but a great day!🤓
Sunday, I rode the Marinoni rust bucket twenty-six miles to see how the construction to fill the gap on the canal path in Southington is going.


looks to be rideable on an mtb. It's going to be nice to be able to ride beyond this point, and eventually all the way to MA.
@MattiThundrrr yes sir I do. One of the first things I did when I got it was watch The Fire in The Frame on Apple TV. It's a great documentary. I contacted Marinoni and they sent me the original build sheet. Someday I hope to send it back for a repaint.
I rode my newly built 1980 Kos yesterday. All good except the chain came off a few times. I couldn’t get the chain tension even before the ride. Later in the day I fixed the problem by swapping in another crank. Thinking the issue had been resolved I took it for another ride today and the new ACS chain snapped in the middle of one of the inner links. I walked a couple of miles home and grabbed my ‘62 Typhoon for the rest of the day. I’ll get an Izumi for the Kos next week!

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