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I spy with my little eye
A little white birdie on your seat tube

Mmmmmm... Columbus tubing
yep. And made in Taiwan, oddly enough.

these were mail order bikes from a shop named Bikecology in California in the 80s.

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My life is now complete, Everything from here on is a bonus.
This is a monumental achievement in any dad's life.
School holidays have started...The young bloke had a mate over and they went off down the road (only 1km) to go fishing at the end of the street.
They chose to ride "Direction Unknown" and the "BMX Ute" Finally the bikes are getting used for the exact purpose they were intended for!

I warned them these bikes are quite heavy and they may need to back off every now and again....... They came back 2 hrs later absolutely knackered!!!
While looking cool these bikes weigh a few kg's more than the average but if your not used to riding them then you can tire real quick which is what happened on the run home, it is a flat run but slight downhill hill in places , its coming back ya get the surprise of ya life, the slightest head breeze feels like a gale force wind, LOL!
Not my daily commute, but a shortcut to my physiotherapist... (the pic above was taken on this track)
I got to meet a friend for some much needed riding after a long delay due to weather & putting together my first rifle. He had been out the day prior & some of the neighborhood kids tried clearing the snow, which is really cool!!
But being kids, weren't aware of some of the finer points on snow removal and north facing berms looked like this....

He was able to chat with the kids & their Dad to thank them for their initiative & provide advice to get back to riding sooner. Don't ride/walk though it. Clear from top to bottom to avoid refreezing. Get it cleaned off as soon as possible after the snow stops. We chipped away at the ice around the flow line between laps. It should be fully ridable with some milder weather in a day or 2. Thanks JD!:113: Had a blast!
Took "Ambitious Muscle" for a spin to the local boat ramp, performed flawlessly, was a great morning, off to work soon!
New extended stand works great! Plate looks at home on the left hand side of the bike!
Loving the 29/26 wheel combo, given the bike a real big wheel look but still compact. there is a small amount of tire strike but its absolute minimal.


Yesterday it was the time again to protest for a better bike infrastructure here in Berlin. As it was Nikolaus day here in Germany we "painted" a boot through the city.

With the way to an back from the ride I put another 69 km on the clock of the IronPig (on spiked tires).

It was a bit wet and fresh, but big fun. I think we must have been around 50 to 60 people.

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Was fortunate to have the chance yesterday to hit the track with a friend to take advantage of "warm before the storm" weather. Snow arrives tomorrow. I got to try out a new pair of gloves from Harbor Freight I picked up the other day for $4.63 or something. Very similar to the Mechanics gloves I've worn for years & love so much. The material used on the palms is a bit thicker & harder to work a phone but I like 'em!🤓 They also match my sidewalls, pedals & grips.😂
I looked at those gloves the other day when I was in Hobo Freight. Almost bought them.
I looked at those gloves the other day when I was in Hobo Freight. Almost bought them.

I got them a bit on the smaller size since they're not quite cut like the Machanix gloves so they form to my hand. Took about 14 minutes to feel like a second skin. Can't beat 'em for less than $5. :thumbsup:
Commute yesterday. It was cold and wet, but when you are warm after a few kilometres its great!
I had my lights on, it was darker than the pictures make it out to be.




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