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Took my Uncle Stretch Colson out for my first ride of 2023 yesterday.






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Been riding this a little. Today I’m rebuilding the front coaster hub. I’m removing the ball and shoes to get it to spin without the usual coaster drag. The spoke nipples have had a good soaking in penetrating oil. Hopefully I’ll be able to get them loose enough to do at least a modicum of truing.
Saturday afternoon on J.C. Piggins for Glamor Shots for the Muscle Bike Buildoff & then again on Sunday with the Old Bikes Club around the mean streets of Denver. 😍 🥰 :inlove:

Small crew for the OBC Bluz Cruz. Happy that Blu was there as well as @Palepainter & The Shelbinator!

My Grandparents church, where I spent my early years.🥰

Breakfast of ex-Champions at Washington Park got rid of my headache.

Then we stopped at Rocket Fizz on the way back for treats.

They should add a sign that says "Pig Bike Parking":21:
Know that feeling we had a cold at our house rapid test was negative but sure it was the COVID. Couldn't go around the block and I bike 12 km a day in snow
First time I've caught it (that I know of) and it really took it out of me. No 30 mile gravel grinds or MTB rips until I get some lungs back. Baby steps

First time I've caught it (that I know of) and it really took it out of me. No 30 mile gravel grinds or MTB rips until I get some lungs back. Baby steps

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Sorry to hear this, Capt’n. I’m surprised I’m still here myself, considering my history.

I caught something back in the beginning, but it didn’t seem like covid at all. It was more like food poisoning.

I remember reading in the paper, The 96 symptoms of Covid. 96! It’s like the disease with every symptom! It doesn’t surprise me that so many people were afraid. Armpit itch? Could be the Coof!

I have eight grandchildren coming over here, plus my children and their spouses, so I was exposed. They all caught it. (Only one seriously though.)

I have not been a smoker since 2008, but here’s probably still too much tar and nicotine in my lungs to get a real respiratory infection.

Also my wife was a kindergarten teacher at a school with 50% baja migrant children, so she brought home everything that went around and was constantly going for antibiotics and stuff.

I was fortunate that I didn’t succumb to much of it at all after living with her over 30 years, but I’ve been inoculated in that respect I guess.

I did have a couple injections of Moderna, but it was actually well after everybody else had taken it (my wife insisted) and I had never really gotten sick. Anyhow the shots didn’t seem to have affected me much one way or the other.

I used to smoke like a chimney too, over 40 years, so lung function has steadily improved since 2008.
Yah - I had it late last year - but I was fully vaxxed and got myself reasonably fit before I contracted (I was morbidly obese), so it was not too bad at the time - but I was very lethargic and had trouble concentrating for a month afterwards.

All good now - I'm back up to 30km rides on my BMX cruisers. It did take a while though.

My wife has had something that's been hanging around for ~3wks (persistent cough, mostly at night), she tested negative for covid as well.

Get well soon, Cap...cool ride!
Hi RustyGold

I had that same bug last winter that caused me to cough for close to a month shortly after I had covid. It was way worse.

I hope your wife gets over it soon.
Lately I have been riding this '81 Murrary Westport. I was making shake down runs to make sure everything was in order before a pre-paint and rebuild teardown.


It is a good thing I did this as I discovered the fork was tweaked so the wheel leaned to one side. I shortened the headtube about 1/4" so I could mount a better fork I had in my parts. Been testing different handlebars too.


After the test rides I went with the teal fork and am leaning toward some mini apes.
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