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    Ratty Patty

    They have more motorcycle shops than bicycle shops here, scooters and small motorcycles are very common here. I can get a brand new Honda 125cc classic looking cruiser for under $1200! I almost did that back in 2014, but the traffic is just too crazy. I'll check them out to see what rims they...
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    Ratty Patty

    I'm waiting on Saturday to go get some parts and get some work done. I laid out the frame again, this time with wheels on to get a better idea of where everything will sit. The cantilevers will reach the downtube, low near where the cranks are, so clearance there might take some doing. That...
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    Schwinn Fat tire attempt

    That's right! Here's 24 x 3 on a couple of 26" bikes. The height of a 24 x 3 is very close to 26".
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    Ratty Patty

    I just learned how to lace up a wheel in the last few months. It's easier than I thought it would be. I should have done this years ago. I lace them up and let the shop do the final truing and tightening. Here's a website that shows it fairly well: The tire air pressure is too great for the...
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    50s/40s Schwinn pre muscle

    Looks like a classic Schwinn lucky seven 36 tooth chain wheel. That's correct for a 20" Schwinn bike from 1958. I don't have a pic from a 58 catalog, and the other catalog pics don't show the 20" version of the girl's bikes chain wheel. Here's a pic of a 20" Schwinn girl's bike like yours...
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    Selling/Trading During the Pandemic

    When we are asked to turn in our old bikes for scrap, and then need an approved permit to buy a new bike, then I'll start to worry. In WW2, we didn't know if an attack was coming and if we would lose everything tomorrow. That went on for almost 5 years. We did what was needed, made sacrifices...
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    26” Cantilever Style Frame Comparision Thread

    Only one I've seen like it. Tall, 20", with lugs. Might be Japanese made from the 80's. Never used or painted, it's the frame I'm using for my Ratty Patty build.
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    50s/40s Schwinn pre muscle

    The serial number, probably on the left rear dropout will give the date. If it's older than 1953, the number will be under the cranks on the bottom bracket. Post it up to see.
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    Ratty Patty

    I decided against the 32 hub on the 36 hole rim. it looks strong enough, but everything I've read says "Don't do it!". So, I have my SRAM Automatix 2 speed freewheel hub. I'll have to rig up handbrakes to the rear but that's ok. I'll make a mount for the rear frame for a hand brake. I'd like to...
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    BIKE Identfication Help.

    For your bike Old Stuff, H is 1958, AMF made in Arkansas. The graphics and pinstripes are an indicator of late 50's too. Going by the number, it was made in early 1958.
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    Hi from Atlantic beach Florida

    Welcome aboard! Your area was my neighborhood from 2008 to 2013. I did a lot of riding there at Neptune Beach and Mayport area. Hanna Park has a lot of good trails too. I think you have the right forks for your bike, they are just turned around after being bent backward. As long as they...
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    ~?What Else Do You Collect ?~

    I save weather graphics. When I find them I add to the pile. It has evolved into Earth Science topics too. This is from a presentation I did at a magnet school in Mayport Florida back in 2012.
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    Liberty Cycles Cyclone muscle bike Serial ID help needed

    "In 65 they were changing there serial number style and by then they were on the left rear dropout. Some 65 bikes had an MO5 which stood for Murray Ohio 1965. After these 3 digits was a 2 or 3 digit model number followed by an X and a 1 or 2 digit number" "MO5 = 65 MO6 = 66 MO7 = 67 MO8 = 68"
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    Selling/Trading During the Pandemic

    Chestnut brown Schwinn with the original seat from the looks of it. Those seats had springs, they were actually pretty comfortable.
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    Selling/Trading During the Pandemic

    I remember riding my bike to work back in 2011. I was stopped at a redlight, wearing my helmet and fingerless gloves. I had on my usual work clothes, long pants and long sleeve shirt with hard soled shoes. Up to the light rolled a Harley, the rider was wearing shorts, tshirt, and flipflops, no...