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    I kinda cheated... I sprayed them with red vinyl paint (they have worn thru to black where tire meets the road)... but I found a guy at the swap meet a few weeks back that has 24" red. I didnt buy them but plan to in the future. I should have done it then.. they're hard to come by :roll:
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    1950's Schwinn Cycle Truck

    Looks Awesome! Keep it up!
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    Cool. I have a red 57 spitfire. Also a 24". You'll fit in here if you keep it it crusty. Keep us posted on the work you do. (heres mine: ... 466850918/)
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    custom Elgin 4star

    The wheel gets my vote, too. It goes so well with the bike I'd leave it... Does the color match perfectly or what!
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    24" Punks!

    Great attitude in those pictures.
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    Lets see your Daily Driver

    Depends on the day. If I'm solo it's the Fuji... if I have company, its the Twinn. Fuji flip-flop single speed (After) by curlywolf, on Flickr Schwinn Twinn Tandem by curlywolf, on Flickr
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    Baron von Zach presents: The Sparkling Suicide

    I like these outdoor pics much more than those first ones. Great job.
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    radio astronaut wagon build *FINISHED PICS*

    Re: radio astronaut wagon build Congrats on the kiddo and good job so far on the build. I love those lowered wagons.
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    Unknown Frame

    Thanks. I've been researching headbadges since I found the holes... they're in such odd proximity it should be obvious huh..
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    Let's see your bike in front of...

    Thought I could put this one here too. 70's Fuji on the Hollywood Star Walk.... Darth Vader on Fuji flip-flop single speed by curlywolf, on Flickr
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    Unknown Frame

    I actually measured the inside angles, so I believe 28" would fit, and were original to the frame.
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    My Son's first build

    Very Cool! Looks like you and the boy had a great time. Good work! Awesome video of the brake check too! Reminded me of when i was a kid, riding my Huffy in the early 90s and skidding up and down the sidewalks and driveways... then my dad put a white tire on the back. Haha.
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    Columbia 3 Star Deluxe

    Sweet... uh... RIDE IT! :)
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    Unknown Frame

    I thought so too, but despite the shape of the iver johnson badge the left and right hole placements is reversed. take a look at one... ... _badge.jpg
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    Unknown Frame

    Thanks for the feedback... sorry just replying now, but tell me if these pictures and info help. Thanks. headtube badge holes by curlywolf, on Flickr labeled wo measurements by curlywolf, on Flickr A: Headtube height: 5" B: Horizontal bar length: 22" C: Seat tube length: 18.5" D: Seatstay...