1. Mattley

    - - - TRY to modify the height of a BMX 20 inches bike - - -

    Hi everybody,:grin: I have a bmx bicycle (20 inches wheel). Since my height is 176cm, I can't go on it. So I would like to modify the height of the frame. The height from the floor to the handlebar is 90cm (see the picture attached), I need to increase it up to 104cm, so 14,5cm is...
  2. rev106

    Genuine Bicycle Products Article 2 Klunker build

    Our last A2 in stock, my friend wanted the bike with gears for the hilly terrain in his town. We start with a frame and Red Menace fork installed. There will be some tweaks to make it work as a klunker type bike as it currently has 110mm rear spacing.

    BMX Double Clamp Slant Stem - Bendix or Shimano High Flange REAR Hub - WTB

    Please PM with information, Thanks
  4. Ethan

    Sticker BomB Bikes!!!!

    Just finished putting this together, is probably the product of 6 bikes in 1. STICKERS EVERYWHERE!! and a close up of the shiny new head badge...
  5. T in C

    Save the DATE JUNE 9th, Wethersfield CT Bicycle Festival, Show, and Swap Meet

    This is our SIXTH Annual Event (each year 2nd Sunday in June)... Seller Spaces are still $25, which goes to the WHS Bicycle Club All makes, years, styles, everything good that is bicycle. There are family activities and many people who don't normally get to go to swaps. Besides the normal...
  6. Rat Rod


    I've built up a relationship with the marketing team at Pacific Cycles and they sent me one of the new 2019 Schwinn Predator Team 24 BMX Cruisers. This bike is a part of their new "Classic Collection" series of bikes and is based off of the 1983 version of the Predator. When I say "based off,"...
  7. Rat Rod


    Picked this one up on Friday from a seller on Offerup. The guy said that he bought it at an estate sale out in the country and the bike was hanging in the barn. Apparently people either didn't see it or weren't interested in it. Hard to believe this bike lasted in this condition in a barn in...
  8. horsefarmer

    Big Boy BMX

    Inspiration for this build is a comfortable adult size cruiser with the looks of a 80's BMX bike. My Build off 13 entry started life as a made in USA, 1986 Huffy Savannah 10 speed Bike. This bike was purchased at auction and was most likely stolen and abandoned. Outstanding original deep...
  9. Kevin Burns

    1986 Spalding SPX-1000 BMX?

    Pretty Rare find in white or really any other color. original survivor. Built by Team Murray modeled after the Team Murray X20 but with different build specs "Down sized thinner wall, and O.D tubes" And different thinner welding. BMX? What can I really say-LOL
  10. Kevin Burns

    Thun BMX Crank 165mm

    For those who don't know BMX THUN is one of the strongest one pc cranks ever manufactured. They weigh in at 2pounds and 2oz. They hold the true claim of being unbendable. They are unbendable, unless run over by a bus or something. Here is a old school Thun Crank for offering. 50.00 plus actual...
  11. Kevin Burns

    2003 Huffy Maxx Bandit Find

    original mint 2003 Huffy Maxx Bandit (MINT) Although not a high end bike this is a 2003 Huffy Maxx Bandit in original condition and mint! The Huffy Maxx bandit was produced for, and only sold through one department store (Toys are Us) as "SMU" (Special Make Up), for the store it was purchased...
  12. J

    Huffy thunder bmx

    I just got this huffy thunder bmx, I'm thinking about putting it up for sale but would like to know more about it first, (year, value etc.) .... Appreciate any help
  13. Scoot rogers

    1986 Schwinn predator Free Form z

    Complete bike, all original except tires and rear brake pads. Please feel free to ask questions or if you want more pics. I’m asking $600, but I’m not set on that. Thanks!
  14. 1973rx3

    WTB Looking for Kastan cruiser bars

    Just as title says looking for Kastan cruiser bars.
  15. Schwinn Boys

    What's up, from the SF Bay Area

    My 1965 Schwinn Typhoon with S&M Pitchfork, Shredneck Stem, Grand Slam Bars, Chris King Headset, 80s Redline chainwheel, geno bmx wheelset hella fun in the streets, the hills, or the bmx track
  16. rev106

    Hacktacular 5: Enter the wasteland!

    20 bmx side hack racing see atomic cycles dot come for details When: Sunday October 1st 8am meet up 9am roll. Meet: Starbucks at 23790 Newhall Ave Santa Clarita 91321 What: 20" sidehack bikes. You'll need a driver and a monkey. I have loaner bikes, give me a weeks notice so I can have...
  17. RatSchwinn

    GT Robinson 24"

    This one I scored back in 09' This guy I knew had recently dropped about $800 on a fixed gear, and I asked "what are you going to do with the GT?" His reply was " uh... I don't know! ...sell it?" so my next question was "how much you want for it?" no joking he said "well I paid $100 for back...
  18. STAY RAD

    RAD FOR LIFE tee for 1/2" RAT TRAP

    hey - looking for RED or BLUE 1/2 rat trap pedals for a bmx bike. RAD FOR LIFE tee for trade ( M, L, XL) - this tee is screen-printed on American Apparel brand tee. Made in the USA! thanks for looking!
  19. ||TheDude||

    FEELER - NEW Webco 3-Bar Chromoly 26" BMX Cruiser Frames Group Buy

    All, Some of you who have purchased my 3-Bar looptail frames know my history with Clayton at Emory Bicycles. For those that don't Clayton is a friend of mine and based on the response that was generated with the old 3-Bar looptail frames that I got from him we are exploring a small production...