1. CannonCam

    Murray Astro Flite

    Mid 60’s Murray Astro Flte cruiser bike. Awesome retro piece. Everything works. Believe it’s all original. Tank has a rust hole otherwise normal surface to be expected. Horn doesn't work. Awesome for restore or rat rod build. $200 pick up in the lehigh valley area PA or will ship at your expense
  2. B

    Wondering about information on this bike

    So picked up this bike at a yard sale. Didn't pay much for it but knew it was a vintage style. Thought about possibly restoring it. Seems I'm missing some things on the front. 22.5" rim 24" tall with aired tire. Serial number was on bottom side of the frame. However wondering what I have really...
  3. BobbyStillz

    *FOUND* Buzz bike/Eliminator frame

    Hello Party People! I am looking for a Murray built Buzz Bike/Eliminator frame only. Need it structurally sound, cups/bearings are a bonus, but paint can be trashed as I am going bare metal. I already have a fork, seat and wheels in mind so all I need is the frame (I have the guard as well)...
  4. Flying Zombie

    Little hard to tell at first but..

    Its a 1958 Maroon, Gold and Chrome X53 Western Flyer Super. Another bike off the bucket list. This first photo was the Ad photo by the seller. It had sat outside for a few years after a hoarder gained other projects and put this and many others on a back burner. The story is as follows...
  5. A

    WANTED: Elgin / Murray / Derby / Mercury Truss Rods (Any Condition)

    Looking for truss rods for a late 1930's to early 1940's 26" Murray / Elgin / Derby / Mercury. Any condition. See below for reference image. Thanks!
  6. A

    Derby Head Badge (Murray-Ohio Brand)

    Need a head badge for a late 1930's to early 1940's Derby. This was a Murray made brand sold exclusively through Pep Boys. Badge features horse and rider over script. Thanks.
  7. franconuevo

    MONTERATT - Fini

    I actually have two bikes that I've been wanting to do something with. Both were 'started' so to speak, as in cleaned up a bit, but then were banished to the back of the SHED, while I continue to work at my home grown bike business...that is, fixing up and selling regular bikes to reg'lar...
  8. gowjobs

    Murray Astro Flite - ASTRO SUPREME

    I've had this ladies Murray Astro Flite frame stashed since shortly after The Renaissance Man first announced that he was going to sell his convertible tanks, and I finally ordered one a couple of weeks back. Thanks to the wonders of the holiday time postal service, it wandered around for over a...
  9. Muttley

    Rat-ed X-65 Murray Wildcat

    This '65 Wildcat started out as an ebay find during the Summer. The previous owner was asking way too much for it but I decided to submit an offer late one night anyway and when I fired up the computer the next day he had accepted. When it arrived it wasn't nearly as nice as I had hoped...
  10. Muttley

    (MBBO#05 Class 1) Radioactive Heap '65 Stingray

    Like my Murray, this Stingray will be just a refurbish job but this one will get a couple of really cool (at least I think so) non-stock parts. The frame is a '65 and will be fitted with a high-back Troxel sissy bar with a leopard print Solo Polo. I've also got a NOS 'Cheater Slick' and a set of...
  11. Muttley

    (MBBO#05 Class 1) Rat-ed X-65 Murray Wildcat

    First off, let me state for the record I know basically nothing about building bicycles but I did recently partially restore a '64 Stingray and have been bitten by the Muscle Bike bug. For years I've admired them and wanted one (or ten) but just never got around to seriously looking for one. I...
  12. 10mando


    Cruise your city right with this one of a kind LED bike light. The EL PATO BIKE LIGHT is custom made from upcycled tin cans. Perfect for any bicycle. Handmade with pride. 100% Original. Each light comes with a bracket, washers, & nuts for easy assembly. One size. 9V battery included. H- 4" L-...