rat rod bike

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  2. GuitarlCarl

    Westfield Wasteland

    I started with a 44' Westfield/Columbia built carcass. Trying to make my version of a wasteland crossing courier/dragster a reality. I tried to save the old patina while cleaning it up I tried a few different looks along the way. The build thread was fun, you can see it HERE. I also tried a...
  3. AlfredJ

    The Hott-Seat... Motorized Muscle

    I've recently joined the forum and want to show the progress on the bike I'm building. It's got 20" wheels, chrome fame, springer forks, and an 80cc motor kit from Amazon. I live in Denver and work with my dad in our bumper repair business, one big perk of the job is plenty of leftover...
  4. L

    Rat & Chopper Trikes

    so I'm trying to draw some inspiration for a rat/chopper style trike. My wife just got a brand-spankin new Scwinn Meridian, but buying new isn't quite my style. This'll be my first ever build as well, so I'm looking to draw some inspiration / tips from other dudes who've done it already. Cheers...
  5. Rat Rod


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