'69 Sears [And Roebucks] Spyder 24" 5-Speed

Oct 13, 2014
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I posted some about this on Facebook already but I always love posting the newbies to my stock in here,.
especially beings I just made a comeback after nearly a year out of the game to get some other corners of life put together.

Not a bad way to pick back up, if I do say so myself.
[Though I always kept one or two around even if I hardly touched them, just as a subtle reminder.]​

here she is

Sorry for the quality and lighting.

I had just straightened out the wheels for its first ride at home from SYMCO [Wisconsin bike show]
All I changed from the time Ive had it home is the Original sissy to the 32"? Sissy on it in the photo.
That said, a LOT of OG stuff is missing but I DO have one of the most important things sitting atop the top tubes in Very well working condition, thankfully. All five speeds shift like butter now thanks to having tightened down the lugs on the wheels which were as loose as the seat post clamp and the rear of the Repop nanners screws holding it to the original sissy at the time.

OG front wheel
One rear brake of the Original dual setup.
OG grips
OG tires
OG Nanner
and yes..
unfortunately missing OG Guard as well..

Im really only seriously interested in finding the guard at this point to fill in the blank on it, but Im interested to know who has what of the missing list and prices where available!

[also, Ive asked a few people already but would a Screamer guard fit this? theyre almost identical in shape and way they assemble but I DO know a 20" Spyder guard wont cleanly switch over to a 24" due to hole placement and lean to the smaller fender on the 20".. not without some fabbing anyway.]


Condition: 7/10
Not Pitting but not perfect either.

[The paint sure isnt perfect but its still there and I dont intend to fill in those pockets. its only OG once!]

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