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  1. T

    New member

    Hi. I’m John the tint guy. I’m just east of Pittsburgh and collect Muscle bikes and Yamaha moto bikes. I’ve restored a couple moto bikes and now am looking to do a restoration/ custom muscle bike. The orange krate was my last purchase. It is my second schwinn. My first was my first bike a hand...
  2. Joltyon

    Shiny Gold Gremlin

    I came across this bike on Marketplace and it definitely caught my attention. It seems to be in great condition. It's home and ready for some love. 1970(?) Sears Gremlin
  3. 1966Jerry

    Project Long Frame

    Bought this long Columbia frame of eBay awhile back. The head tube was wasted so I added one off a Huffy with some rake to it. Going to be a fun wild bike
  4. V

    Cherry pie 20 inch schwinn

    Hey guys this is my first thread on here I'm mostly on the H.A.M.B. but im reposting here
  5. ChiknCoop

    I said I wasn't going to do it, and well I did.

    I said to myself I wasn't going to do it, but I did and have caught the bug. It's all you people's fault. Especially @Krash lol. I ended up with this. October 1970 Schwinn Apple Krate. I believe it's a coaster model. Since I'm just moving along slowly with the Dragster, and am waiting for the...
  6. ChiknCoop

    Liberty Cycles Cyclone muscle bike Serial ID help needed

    So yeah, I wasn't going to buy anything until I finished the Dragster but umm, I ended up with an original Liberty Cycles out of Chicago Girls Cyclone muscle bike. I'm trying to figure out what year it was made. Also can anyone tell me if these frames were made by Chicago Schwinn or Murray...
  7. Bike from the Dead

    POISON APPLE: '79 Schwinn Fair Lady Trike

    Well, this was a complete surprise to me, but it looks like I'm going to enter my first Muscle Bike Build Off this year too! I just got this 1979 Schwinn Fair Lady and the 2 mountain/road/track/idk bikes sitting behind it for FREE off of Facebook Marketplace earlier this afternoon! I can't say I...
  8. ChiknCoop

    1965-66 Huffy Dragster parts wanted

    I'm looking for the following items for a 65-66 Huffy Dragster single speed bike, 20" frame. Front forks with hole for front brakes (i believe these are the correct type for the bike) Huffy Headset fenders and struts NOS seat, white with silver trim pedals Head badge tires I have a seat, but...
  9. Bike from the Dead

    Mini Mystery Muscle Bike

    When Dad bought a pedal car or something (I asked him, but he doesn’t remember) from one of Mom’s friends at her workplace several years ago, this bike was thrown in with it. It was the guy’s own bike he had as a child, but he had no use for it anymore. I hadn’t really paid the bike any mind...
  10. T in C

    Save the DATE JUNE 9th, Wethersfield CT Bicycle Festival, Show, and Swap Meet

    This is our SIXTH Annual Event (each year 2nd Sunday in June)... Seller Spaces are still $25, which goes to the WHS Bicycle Club All makes, years, styles, everything good that is bicycle. There are family activities and many people who don't normally get to go to swaps. Besides the normal...
  11. Flying Zombie

    '69 Sears [And Roebucks] Spyder 24" 5-Speed

    I posted some about this on Facebook already but I always love posting the newbies to my stock in here,. especially beings I just made a comeback after nearly a year out of the game to get some other corners of life put together. Not a bad way to pick back up, if I do say so myself. [Though I...
  12. U

    WTB Goodyear Coloured 20" tires

    Hi guy's im wanting to buy Goodyear Grasshopper & Wingfoots etc coloured 20" tires. Slicks and treaded versions. Im after any colours at present.Blue,green, yellow red etc PM me with what you have and and we can go from there. Cheers, Clayton.
  13. AlfredJ

    The Hott-Seat... Motorized Muscle

    I've recently joined the forum and want to show the progress on the bike I'm building. It's got 20" wheels, chrome fame, springer forks, and an 80cc motor kit from Amazon. I live in Denver and work with my dad in our bumper repair business, one big perk of the job is plenty of leftover...
  14. RailRider

    George Barris Iverson Minie Indie

    Picked this up last week. Came in today! ;) (I need a seat)
  15. RailRider

    Screamers, Krates and Rails... Oh my! Latest Score!

    Some of you may have seen this on the Muscle Bike Forum already but we made a 12 hour trip to grab a few things, thought I would share! (Not selling anything until I go through and get what I need) Enjoy! ;)...
  16. 54shadow

    Steampunk Muscle

    Was going to enter the muscle bike competition, but, one thing led to another and the project stalled out. So, I am just posting what I have done so far and sit this one out. A lot of talent and creativity here on the site, never fails to inspire me.
  17. franconuevo

    You can weld it. ends tomorrow

    Here, take these coupons to your nearest Harbor Freight store, and for just over a don't have to wait on a buddy, or pay out each time you just need a quick weld. and once you get it down you can chop and weld no prob., Ive built two bikes already with this exact setup, including...
  18. franconuevo

    (MBBO#05 Class 2) ** The UNVEGA ** [Muscle Road]

    The Unvega Formerly a 1985 Univega Nuovo Sport road bike Here's the build story: UNVEGA MBBO5 * Build It's not a road bike anymore.... Cut up the old beat Univega. Used all of the tubing, bearings, BB, bars, most of it, actually....weld weld paint paint assemble, grease...
  19. Hitman44

    1/2 good and 1/2 bad stingray????

    Ok -- I got this for a good price but now I am wondering. It has nearly perfect paint on 1/2 of the bike and the other half ... not so much. It was a 5 speed stik. I have a new fork but I am concerned about a few areas and I wanted to see what you guys think and how you would handle it. I...
  20. Cruiserdude94

    Firestone Warrior

    Ended up getting this frame for free from my cousin. And decided it needed to be a muscle bike but one with my flare and newer style paint scheme but still keeping the old school chopper muscle look. Then after! Silver metallic and gloss black Mostly how she will stay. Im looking for a...