I was thinking of doing the skateboard wheel, but really not sure I want that sticking out. I may do a relief cut somewhere and call it a day. I should have made the back a little wider, but you live and learn.
I think I lean something new every time I build a new frame.
How did I miss this build?! This is very cool. That spider will give me nightmares though. I also like the a-symetical web on the back. I think If you put webs on both sides it might get a little cluttered.
Yeah, only staying on this side. I'm just doing another spider for the other side. After that I just have some finish welding and grinding to do. Still not sure if I want to paint this bike or not.
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Aug 31, 2009
Historic Savannah
Looking awesome as a rider now. Is the spider going to be removable?
Love the other two bikes too. I was planning on painting my bike turquoise, but it just didn't feel right for my build. Yours looks great.
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Is that one of those Harbor Freight rollers?
It looks great like it is! Leaving it bare metal would eliminate having to do any body work also.
Yes it's the Harbor Fright bender. I've now added the Swag Off Road kit to help fix a lot that is wrong with it!

No PAINT! I know it'll hit the ground once in a while, so I'd rather not have to fix it every time it does.
I like the raw look of it anyway.

Got the other spider done, took it out for a ride and it rides great!!!
Has a little chain rub on top but nothing to bad and I'm sure I can fix it. Here's some more pics!

I came back from my ride and this guy must have jumped on lol

I may do some new bars just because I like building my own and I can give it a different look!
Thank you all for the comments, really means a lot that people like my work. I'm self taught and learn as I go.
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