Back Alley Sally 8/28/08 shes done!

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I painted one rim and was getting ready to mount the tire for a check fit and the tire will not fit the rim the old tire said 26 on it but I put the rim next to a mountain bike 26 and it is definately taller, I am so bummed and this 112 degree smoke filled air weather is a fly in my ointment :!: :(
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tnt1 said:
You need 26x13/8 tires g/l Tony
Yeah I kinda figured I may have to use what it came with ,plus the rear triangle is gonna be to narrow to mount anything to wide so I will just do what I can. So now I know what to look for in my next build off live and learn they say. :|


Mar 9, 2007
Southern Illinois
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either swap wheels or stick with the 1-3/8s ... i actually like the 1-3/8s myself, they seem to roll faster, may not be as fat as you like but definately a good size for zippin around town :)
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Well just a little update I nixed the speaker cover idea after the mock up, I have one wheel finished painting and I have the first coat of paint on the frame. But after this last swapmeet I just came back from I may have to do a little modification on the frame to mount my new shifter (evil laughter) lets just say its a beast ,I will soon have photos 8)
Sep 19, 2007
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I like to ride and I agree with CCR, faster is always better. I'm also anti-trend, you could say. Because of the fact that everyone is using them is all the more reason not too, in my opinion. That's why I'm running 26 x 1-3/4's on s-7's. Jesse James described himself and said "I'm anti-anti." I can relate.
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Pictures will have to wait maybe tommorow, I have the frame sanded and painted for the base, I am going to have to modify the frame for my shifter installation I got some bead blasting done on the shifter I still have to mock up a couple of things. My plate for the reflector came from Ebay and still not sure if I like the bars, as for the shifter its about two feet long the fact is I dont know what it came off but its a parking brake handle probably from the forties it should stand out a little....if I cant get it to work I will beat Godzilla with it LOL :lol:
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cman said:
I am intrigued by the shifter.
Hopefully I can mount it up higher on the front of the triangle and run the shift rod over the crank area. I need to get another spring setup as the old one broke on the release handle (not in picture) I just want to hear the the gears click into position. :mrgreen:
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