Back Alley Sally 8/28/08 shes done!

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Mar 24, 2008
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UPPER LAKE C.A. est 1854
I thought that would be a good Christian name for a build, this will be my first build,so prayer is good!I had a hard time deciding on which one to build so out of the three 1st one is a Raliegh beach cruiser looking thing.2nd is a skiptooth monkey ward 24 girls bike 3rd and the one I decided on is a 64 Sears made in Austria 3 speed that I found on the back roads in Clearlake I stopped the work truck, asked about it , score freebee and since I was born in beconed to be built and pictures next week...really.....I wife finally cleared out the camera. :D
Re: Back Alley Sally

[/ur[img] of the bikes that didn't make the cut :cry:
Re: Back Alley Sally

nice shift cable. I have a rigging on a shift cable but not quite that creative. What is the bike in the first pic on the right(bmx cruiser lookin)?
Re: Back Alley Sally

cman said:
nice shift cable. I have a rigging on a shift cable but not quite that creative. What is the bike in the first pic on the right(bmx cruiser lookin)?
That my friend is a Raleigh of unknown vintage at the time, I spotted that one going down the highway, the gold bars caught my eye or was it the 47 Chevy conventional flatbed it was sitting in the back of, any ways the story was the guy I got it from rescued it from behind a bar in Calistoga 20 years ago he rode it for a while and parked it, so that one is the aka bar bike.I likem with a story thats the best. 8)
Re: Back Alley Sally

I already tried to buy the gold cruiser bars from him....he ain't budgin'. :lol:
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I am still trying to decide the color scheme,I was at Wallyworld just staring at Krylon trying to decide,I ended up buying a can of flat black not so much for the build but I can always use one its like a mandatory tool.I purchased a set of grips from the local Harley shop but after putting them on I think I need something older looking but since I'm using motorcycle bars I figured to have some different options. I actually rode it for a couple miles just to get some Ideas and I was planning on changing the pedals but since one has a crack in it a little more incentive and I get to figure out how to adjust the three speed as it tends to pop out of gear I dont know how much different it is from a Sturney Archer as far as components, any info on the Austria made 3 speed Sears Roebuck hub would be appreciated :?
Re: Back Alley Sally

I will try to get some more pictures of parts tonight,I have been so busy this weekend I did not see the light of the garage but I have a crazy tank idea something to do with 63 Mercury speaker covers .....if its in my garage I will find a use someday the biggest expense will be tires that my LBS has in stock to give some attitude. 8)
Re: Back Alley Sally

I finally picked the color I was thinking gun metal gray but it turned into olive satin and probably apple green on the wheels or green anodize, still up in the air on that one. If I could stop buying bikes I could probably get the tires I want.
Re: Back Alley Sally

I finally got the tires I want thanks to my local LBS, I traded a case of fresh baby spinach and a case of veggie trays with ranch dressing. it has been so nasty around here with all the fires I just dont want to be outside breathing the smoke. Right now I'm on call to deliver pallets of drinking water up to the fire base camp. :| :? :| :shock:
Re: Back Alley Sally

I think I like the seat (or maybe I'm just being POLITE, I don't know yet). Where are the speaker covers going, not on the seat, right?

I hope your water delivery went well!
Re: Back Alley Sally

The covers may turn into some kind of vented tank, I know it sounds weird but I may show mock up pictures to get opinions, the angles line up with frame. As far as the water delivery goes they wanted it at six AM on the dot, and since I live 22 miles from work and they frown on overtime we decided to let the grocery store we lease from use the truck and the delivery is about 60 miles away with 10 of it dirt road....I am ok with that. :mrgreen:

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